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Armor, CBS CEO. Les? Moonves us won't be getting his one hundred twenty million dollars severance payment following an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against him. The company's board of directors says moon vests violated the terms of his contract. Numerous women have come forward accusing Moonves of sexual harassment and intimidation former FBI director James Comey is challenging congressional Republicans to stand up for the rule of law some points. Someone has to stand up in the face of fear of Fox News fear of their base fear of being tweets stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement. Ask press secretary Sarah Sanders, says the former FBI director is corrupt and accused Komi of lying and leaking which were only part of what she said was a long list of corrupt acts. A woman is suing the NYPD after becoming involved in the crossfire of LeBron's shootout. Last month attorney, Sanford Rubenstein is seeking ten million dollars. Settlement on behalf of his client. Irene Perez responsibility of the NYPD in situations. Like, this should not put the public at danger. And that's what happened here ariza's truck in the stomach by the gunfire while leaving the daycare center where she works happened in university heights. When play close officers were pursuing a truck suspects the results of an online polar in and the port authority says it'll soon be changing the holiday decorations at the Holland tunnel. Some had felt those were off putting within twenty thousand people responded to an online survey and as a result of Christmas tree that was put on top of the letter in on the Holland tunnel. Sign will be moved to the letter a while the wreath that was on the U in tunnel is going to be removed altogether. News is brought to you by mothers against drunk driving. Mothers against drunk driving supports victims of.

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