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Help treat cobit nineteen patients now the White House says president trump will be using his broad authority to compel General Motors to build ventilators president trump has seemed reluctant to utilize the defense production act instead saying he prefers a voluntary approach to getting companies to pitch in during the corona virus crisis but the White House is now saying the president plans to compel GM to help ABC news contributor and former White House security adviser Tom Bossert the president seems to have had some sort of break down what she and we don't know if it was over priced terms or delivery terms sources have told ABC news the sticking point may have been over the time line of how long it would take for production to reach full capacity Margaret Millar ABC news president trump on Friday Sunday two point two trillion dollar stimulus intended to help Americans who've been financially impacted this will deliver urgently needed relief to our nation's families workers and businesses the president also dodging his suggestion that the country could re open by Easter might not happen the president admitting it's unlikely Americans will as he hopes pack the church's again this Easter do want to flatten the curve we want to see that curve start heading down in the other direction at a minimum and we really have to talk about areas of the country that have not been affected or certainly have had a very small affected some states already blog visitors from other more infected areas making it harder for those hot spot residents to travel anywhere in the field ABC news Washington former senator Tom Coburn who represented Oklahoma in the house and the Senate died of prostate cancer at seventy two and civil rights icon Joseph Lowery died at ninety eight he was an aide to Martin Luther king junior and prayed to Barack Obama's inauguration in two thousand nine you're listening to ABC news J. O. A. news radio time is nine oh two all Rado has seen the worst of this United States hasn't seen the worst of this and the world hasn't seen the worst of it seven polls yesterday gave us a glimpse of how bad things could get up to corona virus spreads rapidly and people don't follow the state's state home executive order here's why doing nothing is not an option based on the infection rate in Colorado the state could see over thirty three thousand deaths if we ignore the governor's state hold water and don't practice social distancing but if sixty percent of us stay home and keep our distance we could actually reduce that number to eleven thousand five hundred now if measures to slow the spread really start the work the number of deaths could get all the way down to just four hundred on a typical day in Colorado without this virus about a hundred people die each day Jerry bell K. we news radio host said he wants to add about a thousand hospital beds by may and five thousand by summer in a worst case scenario they would need over thirteen thousand by the end of April a majority of elective and non emergency procedures are on hold to limit the number of people coming into hospitals so Centura health is finding new ways to use doctors who aren't as busy as those were treating covert nineteen patients doing that is to reduce exposure of our medical staff to this virus and to minimize the use of personal protective equipment Dr Steven Cobb the chief medical officer for Centura health's Denver metro group told our partners at fox thirty one that additional moves could include using urgent care doctors in the ER and cardiologists to assist in the I see you with many of us working from home there's concern about the fire danger south metro fire Selena Silva has a few tips to reduce this risk is to use Chargers cords that are made specifically for your device ones that are manufactured approved he says it's best to minimize the use of power strips on the number of things you have plugged in at once our next news updates at nine thirty Chuck Clark on KOAA news radio eight fifty AM and ninety four one.

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