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Rouge. Here's something. That's. Interesting. The college admissions fraud. Unmasking the college admissions for all this is from the city journal, Heather McDonald? The celebrity college admissions cheating has to clear takeaways elite college degree has taken on wildly inflated importance in American society in the sports industrial complex enjoys wildly inflated power within universities, thirty three moguls and TV stars allegedly paid admissions fixer Williams singer, total of twenty five million from two thousand eleven to two thousand eighteen to Dr their children's high school resumes, sending students to private SAT ACT testing sites through false disability claims for example, where bought off Proctor would Ray student scores. If you've not been following this. It's it's kind of horrifying thing to see what's going on. And you've got. Movie stars who are TV stars who paid to have their children. Get into certain schools. None of this could have happened. If higher education headed self become not become corrupt institution, featuring low classroom standards demands, no core knowledge acquisition, low grading standard fashionable left wing activism luxury hotel amenities endless partying and huge expense students often learn virtually nothing during their college years think about that. Not learning anything going to class and just simply Mayland it end. One of the things that I did learn in college, I I was in English literature major. I did learn Shakespeare, I learned the learn eighteenth century literature. I learned about William Faulkner, the Ryder from from Mississippi, I learned some other things that are not as much use to me. But I I took away learning from my experience at school and. It's heartbreaking to think of kids going to school and not learning. Anything not walking away with having their spirits and their minds expanded. And this is a we'll talk a little more about this. When we come back. 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Australian citizen Brinton toront- is accused of shooting and killing forty nine people during Friday, prayers ABC's will car is in Christ Church with more on Toronto and other suspects taken into custody. Four people in all the Ardy let one go they're trying to figure out if to others have any connection, and then one appeared in court his alleged crimes are clear. Authorities say he killed forty nine people and injured. Dozens more. They're still trying to figure out if anyone else was involved will car ABC news in Christ's church. New Zealand's Prime minister at a briefing says the suspect obtain guns legally and modified them President Trump using his first congressional veto to block lawmakers rejection of his national emergency declaration. Now, the issue will be making its way through the courts, multiple states have filed lawsuits to oppose shifting government funds. Michelle Franzen ABC news. 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