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Yeah <music>. I'm thinking like white bulls. Five five percents sees e._s._e. Window endow the gamecube intend that's gray rhyme ages really bitch wanna fuck because you have even <music> manser spread it. Why all right we're recording okay louise mansion reference for leaving a rip off the table luigi mansion rapper riff if was off pod. Unfortunately they guys <hes>. Jamila just made a really funny. We demand mentioned joke with the microphone on so i think they were on okay. We'll keep it in mike. What's up guys know jack wagner me. It's just me and jamal and adam friedland the fuck in d._c. or l._a. Dude thanks for having me envy's dude in d._m._v. We're back three of the original israel funny. Moms crews that. We're choosing to identify ourselves. Oh yeah cause he buys expanded. Universe expanded universe day one stuff shore. You're yeah jason stewart engineering. <hes> i guess suffered to give some backstory. There was like a crew of comedians before we all left in either went to new yorker carol abras me and my my to phil's come town. You were the dude and then you to you were the youtube and then it was martin lawrence and dave chapelle wanda undecideds patent oswald oswald migra bigly a- and tom myers the crew right yeah yeah yeah that was always like a funny thing in dc. Cavalry is when people would like at open mics like old old guys with like brag about knowing chapelle. Yeah and it's like you knew him when he was sixteen years old. Yeah you're still here. You knew ah literally moves to new york like the second. He graduated high school yeah yeah that's when i did number she last year and also elsa man. I was state at a airbnb and the dude cleaning he gave me his business card and he said he it was the longest running reggae musician in seattle and it. Did it say that on the business i think about sometimes when they have like doing this this year and you're like what point is that making. You look worse instead of better. Oh yeah yes this bad if you correct long. It hasn't if you're still handing out business cards every year. I threaten to get a business card. Yeah don't make any fucking get a business. The most the most fucking go to kinko's right now fifty. We all know the most legendary a business card is our buddy nick mones business card which i don't know if he has any more i'm familiar which was a picture from deviant art of bows houser with his uncut stick out uncircumcised penis out and the other side says nick molin autism. I don't think it has no contact contact yeah yeah. That's how you make it in. This business should be in the guggenheim men like a goddamn yeah..

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