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Tyler martin on six seventy kboi caldwell needs more opportunities for young people otherwise the leave for boise and points beyond that's what ted brahma believes he's filed paperwork to oppose caldwell mayor garrett and colless in the november election he says the city needs to do more to attract higher paying jobs when your guy fake or your coa oriented bitter raising business taxes we should have someone there according to vigor's bigger we want to come up here in few idaho especially your all brummett says he wants to work with a legislature to overturn the personal property tax something he thinks would encourage businesses to relocate the idaho jay howell 670kboicom tsa officials at the boise airport are asking travellers once again to please check their carryon luggage for the 20th time this year a loaded pistol was found at a travelers carryon bag at the security checkpoint at the boise airport lead tsa off sir travis wall tells the idaho statesman if they see a gun on xray machine it's a long process before things can get moving again we keep up as of control of the bag in the x ray tunnel boise police comes out they come to the xray they look at the image also we confirm the bag and and the leo takes us controlled bag identifies passenger and then does this process there are legal ways to carry firearms and ammo on board a flight go to tsa dot gov for details whether was back to clear and sunny today with a high of eighty nine degrees it's gonna reaching low of fifty nine degrees overnight and you can expect it to stay sunny tomorrow as well with a high of ninety two degrees tyler martin six seventy kboi sixty seconds the mark levin show all it at eleven by john bachelor on six seventy kboi the devastation in south texas and louisiana from hurricane has left catastrophic flooding damage let's all come together to.

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