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Because well i'll be nashville tennessee. So that's when we're here The records and brands podcasts. Says mike co-hosts. My brother lives two hundred miles away. So it's a weekly catch. I've known podcasters. That are all over the world and their whole podcast was about Formula f. one racing and they really kind of didn't care about formula but it was just a matter of like. I want to hang out with my brothers and everybody had kids and stuff like that and it was just a family catch up thing but they had to talk about something so they talked about formula one but and it was cool because they were able to then go to their their wives and partners and say hey i can't i gotta go do. The podcast was really the time to get caught up with. I've said this before. It's bonus for me to hang out with you on saturday mornings. I wouldn't get this opportunity ever To to do it unless we were doing it this way. Like you're pretty busy and i don't think i could take an hour. I get an hour of your time. Hour and a half ninety minutes Each week so it's a bonus for me to hang and we have a good time like this is this is. I look forward to this on saturday mornings. I met him i. I don't miss my saturday morning chores at all awesome awesome. Diane says she hopes to shake my hand. I'll be at the lipson booth all week. so stop by and say hello. I would love to that I got his share. The story Ken blanchard I was calling donovan. Mcnabb once at a restaurant to the point where the owners took photos in the lebanese restaurants. And sometimes you just gotta go. That's it start signing autographs You can see you can see how he he looks like donovan. I mean did. Yeah and a quick run with it and ken. did you sign autographs to i. There was a time. I apparently i looked like a golfer. This australian golfer and somebody asked me. I was somewhere and they were like are you and i'm like no that's not me so so i guess yeah next week just watch are. They're still saturday. Morning cartoons. I don't know. I haven't there are no. I think there are just go to the cartoon network. Got your imagine if we'd had the cartoon or kids like how easy that would have been because he had to switch between five and four and three and five you know to get the right cartoons bugs bunny or is this one tom and jerry this one so there were there any. His face is still in the place. that's pretty. That's hilarious would dow be be be so crazy to go into that restaurant and you're like yeah. It's not really donovan. You know the just going to start calling him donovan. We're gonna keep it gully that would be so great to have to have your image as someone else and see donovan's back. Donovan came into the restaurant. That'd be even funnier right if he actually showed up. And what did yeah. That's not you might think that's me but that's not me. That'd be great before we get to show. I wanted to talk a little bit about This came from our buddy adam curry. Who pointed this out. And then adam curry handed the ball to james cridland. Who did a deep dive. And i'm i'm praying that the spirit of two thousand six podcasters will rise up and when mark..

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