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Bowls bowl she gets hotter gets broken legs. E Briggs is fuck and buck. Yeah doing his own. The second movie is the one where he likes lights through that small sort of I n Bar right. Fuck man and to watch that and to know that he's actually doing it about goes. Scott Parker just elevates them over to a different stratosphere because Fara this old few people that do this and and it just you know I'm all in I'm all in I'm like give me rush off fifty and I'll be there. Watching him was like Jackie. Chan is still jacked Jackie Chan. It's rough workshop. My brain isn't as active as it used to be. Friends and lovers just have patients who would you think could win in a fight between Jackie Chan Jet? Li Chris. Tucker come on. Oh we'll Jackie Chan was invited into my heart chambers well before gently originally Same Age Jackie's older. Well still a we mall or we're talking about in their prime easily about in their prime prime gently the wadden and drunken Mazda. Jackie Chan ommercial talking about the film's or you're talking about the abilities because Jackie hens down. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'd go check as well then why you'd be swayed a bit gentlest talented faulk as well. So you know. Kudos to him Kids of age friends and lovers You know people talk a lot about thirty traps. Do you know what that is? Not What did you say? A thirst trap do off-season on your secret grinder account okay. So essentially it's like trying to try to have sixty further and trying to get people thirsty. Essentially ot lays comfort traps where he tries to trap you in Kung Fu conundrums. It A it was one of the contest. It's one of the biggest debates you had the growing up but it's called chain have jockeyed gently. Inde- half Chuck Norris. It have Bruce Lee. How `Bout Shamu shy. You Know Sambi he was like a comfy muster and he had a crossover with Chuck Norris. Some I think Sir I said seven whole Salloum. You've never heard of him before go. Is it a martial arts guy? Fans and love is a meet you at the semi solstice. So you talk about you. Missed the blades. Or whatever billy blanks shooting blanks. Okay if you haven't intimidating name why would your name be blanks to quick? Wait I think that would be a good like escort name? Hib I'm billy blanks. You don't need to worry gotta do raw dogging but like the fact that you mentioned. Jackie Chan Jet Li. That just shows you. He flew back to violet debate. And there's no contest Jackie Chan. He's the granddaddy of concrete. Jackie Chan Chuck. Norris you're serious Jackie Chan's nipples could cut chuck Norris's neck made. The people are there who believe Chuck Norris Pete. Bruce Lee fails qualified. What's so if how you GonNa souped-up Junkin Doris Anyway? That was just a conspiracy theory or whatever we want to screen this right now before I even tweet about our represent. Jackie Chan's nipples could cuts USC. Norris says with an apostrophe because I know my gramma neck in half we'll just cut his neck right send tweet mother focus. You have no idea where you'd I say. Should I say? Fight ME MYSELF. In concert on Nickelodeon. Did you get that in Kenya? Also every Saturday Morning Gospel but I guess also at the same time like do. We need to pin these masters together. All I can. Jackie Chan Be Jackie Chan. It's the like you'd want to know them top dog every time. You know the Spurs. Ooh I am seeing a young Jackie Chan and it is moistening. My Jackie. Chan's wow you off whow my what a world. Let's give some love to Chris. Tucker think well so. Did you know Chris? Tucker aside from Friday. I didn't think so black assault things in More showers his biggest fan ball. He warned he warned me over with his performance in Russia. Okay yeah so I was definitely a fun of him. I didn't 'cause I mentioned to you while watching it. I didn't Really Watch Chris. Tucker when he was out so he kinda feels like a blend of Eddie Murphy and Chris. Rock to me Arkansas. And it's just because I haven't really me about the time I was supposed to probably consume I can see that. But he's he does so few people who could have done this role like he did without coming off as complete astles. Okay Yeah Yeah actually. So what the fuck that? He carried out. You're like in the fast in fast calment and he was walking up to the FBI ability as he'd rather those like give it. I don't get people like that people that just lack self awareness and they just they just expect things to be given to them but the difference with his character is. He's really malicious in any way. So I think we give him a lot of graces his heart on his sleeve so his is is definitely putting himself out there. Like it doesn't mean bad by any of it and then you have him like flirting in the first movie as well Our Record Oregon. The movie doesn't get made now. Well it didn't get made into these staged cancel. That's not why go cancels gob each Like it's crossing a lot of Some of the is that we tend to see you running out of toilet paper to wipe your ass use the script it just can we talk about the TV. Repeat for like two seconds The cussing crop. I think that was the biggest issue. Well it was such an iconic film franchise that you couldn't not associate the act is personalities to the characters because you think about Brett Ratner again. He was a fanta. Jackie Chan so obviously. Jackie Chan was at the epicenter. And then you had Chris Tucker improvising a lot of his lion said. These actors brought a lot into these roles. So it's hard not to associate them when you would watch. Tv Roberto of it. And I think especially with cod. His character Chris Tucker's character. They didn't want to play it too hot because then people will be like. Oh He's trying to Krista but what it did was he fell flat. And you didn't want to root for him. You didn't even care for him. It kind of reminds me you know when you watch like Adam and dragon ball volition. I feel like just for fun. We should cover that. One of these days Aside from the fact that the Chinese GRANDPA had a white grandson. That's a story for another day. Like fifty cent having eighty babies like Boma had like one blue stripe in her hair so it kind of like sometimes when you have like anime live action kind of waters down the vibrancy of the source material. I felt like that's what happened to the TV shirt off Hollywood just lazy writing. 'cause lifted Abeille from the script of the original movie and executed poorly. Because they didn't want to because they didn't say. Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth. They said somebody will. I didn't understand what he's saying so they they paid a Mazda the original references but just came off as really week. Yeah it was really weak like I was watching mate. I think they just give it a film Grad and just give him a script and be like me. Just write something. Yeah and again. If there's any sort of rush hour talk give me crystal. GimMe Jackie Chan Right. Even though as the films went on it also looked like someone through some thirty MC Chris Taco go and listen to our bad is absurd but Chris Tucker can still like third down. And let's let's trickle over to the for the third movie. It took three movies for Kristaq. It's concrete fighting. Yeah having that I. I'm sure okay. I was intentional. I'm sure he's saying it at every movie completely like cut it out. I think I feel like this was the weakest of the three low of the two. Yeah I agree. And the one puff moment was when. I think the one that I really enjoyed Roseland door both senior the club. Oh yes over in no very hot of so body like 'cause you knew you knew Chris Tucker was going to sing. That's that's no surprise to anybody but once Jackie Chan was on that verses pedaled swing hall law this this will stop me from punching strangers in the street Wow it's just everything. The build up was the everything was there. And what a franchise. We had do me baby Performed by Princeton. Chris Tucker is also credited on the soundtrack for the third movie If you watch the outtakes for the second film there's actually a reference to it in the third movie When they're on the plane and there's inklings learning to the fact that Cada is Jewish When you watch the outtakes at the end of the second film Chris Tucker is really struggling to say Kafelnikov Fish. I didn't even know if I'm saying you're right but it completely go cut out of the movie because he just couldn't say it and we were watching the third movie and he actually said it and that was quite a payoff off Pale. Considering how annoyed the producer was Oh yes and the funny thing was in that particular outtake in the second movie. Jackie was like all it was something else who Crisanto was supposed to say three words in Chinese couldn't even do it so it's probably Mandarin Cantonese. And he couldn't do it either. Yeah so it's interesting because obviously you would think that Jackie Chan like needs help But Chris Tucker native he'd Z. Career by his allies which it all but he. I think they would. They would just the perfect combination right because it's very it's very easy to try and overtake each other. When you're in a sort of jouer dynamic yeah I know because he doesn't know his place and I have to put him back to wearing needs to go. Good Luck you fucking sub shave all but all. I'm so glad and also in some sort of way. I'm glad I had never watched this. And this was the first time I've actually watched it because it came at such a time that we needed this Y- really did. I felt lifted. Like you know whatever's going on right now it's quite crazy. There's so many things out there that it could watch soccer. Just bring you your whole mood down. Russia is in the ILJAZ. Lift you up make you forget how crop this everything is. Oh yeah totally. I'm also apparently. Jackie Chan speaks fluent French..

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