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To twenty three. Investigators from the national weather service have been busy here in the tri-state today checking out the damage in yesterday's storms, and they've determined that at least three tornados touched down. One was in the town of Stony point in Rockland county. Another was a new Newcastle in Westchester and the third was on Long Island in Ronkonkoma. This residents spoke with CBS to free an actual freight train for about two minutes long. That's what it sounded like. It was horrible scary. Maria's damage all over the tri-state area from the tornadoes and just straight line wins. And a lightening strike set a house on fire in yapping wins. News time to twenty four latest crime stats are out, and they show that homicides were up by more than twelve percent last month in New York City over the same time last year. Mayor Blasio is not thrilled to hear that money isn't overly concerned either. We do see a noticeable uptick in terms of homicide. We take that very seriously. I am absolutely convinced that the NYPD has the approach and the resources to address that issue. But when you look overall crime is down one percent compared to last year. And last year was the all time record year. Latest crime stats say last month had fewer major crimes than any September in the com stat era. The multi state lottery. Jackpots have been creeping up in tonight's Powerball drawing is worth two hundred twenty nine million dollars the Friday night. Mega millions game jackpot is up to four hundred five million. Wins. News time to twenty five. Four men from hicksville or under arrest charged with assault. Police say the suspects attacked a teenager on Monday was playing cricket with his friends in Glen brook road park was punched and kicked all over his body and struck with a metal he suffered swelling and contusions and a broken arm now facing charges, including gang assaults are nineteen year old Rajon Kumar nineteen year old coal deep Singh. Nineteen-year-old Harpreet Singh an eighteen year old Ranjit Singh. The motive for the attack is unclear. Guys are mostly sunny. Seventy three degrees were heading up to seventy six and for the Yankees wildcard game tonight. I pitch temperature about seventy wins. News time to twenty-six. Now. Bloomberg money watch on ten. Ten wins. Sears Joan Doniger. We could end up seeing a double record day right now. The Dow is moving deeper into records territory up one hundred forty three points to twenty six nine sixteen. The NASDAQ is up fifty the SNP twelve it's close to its all-time high as well all of this evidence of a strong economy driving trading numbers of jobs added to private businesses last month, a payroll company, ADP county, two hundred thirty thousand investors are taking it as a preview of the September jobs report the institute for supply management's, look at the services sector hit a post recession record last month as well. In tech and financial shares are helping power the gains the average cost of health insurance. You get from your boss is up about five percent of the Wall Street Journal says it comes to an average of just below twenty thousand dollars a year for a family plan. The Kaiser family foundation says companies it surveyed are passing those costs along to you boosting deductibles, you have to pay out of pocket to make up for the premium.

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