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While outside the space station astronaut mayor says she's thrilled to be on the space walk only my colleague but also a very very cold in here so it's really are honored to be out here working today representing whatever it is but could never get whatever whatever individuals in our they replace the broken part of the station's power grid despite reports of shells and gunfire in Syria president trump says his Turkish counterpart is sure to have a ceasefire is holding the president tweets he spoke with Turkey's Recep Tayyip erdo one who told him the ceasefire agreed to yesterday has not already broken down that there was a minor sniper and mortar fire that was quickly eliminated the president also says he's just been told some European countries are now for the first time willing to take Islamic state militants who came from their nations as he's been demanding that's corresponded soccer we got it forecasters say tropical storm next door zeroing in on Florida as it moves across the Gulf of Mexico David so let's give the national hurricane center says the storm is bringing heavy winds rain and a storm surge to the Big Bend region the maximum sustained winds of the system are near sixty miles per hour with higher gusts some slight strengthening is still possible as it moves closer to the Gulf coast but in this case really the the winter necessary the big hazard probably the the biggest thing we're concerned about is storm surge that's where the services scaled back on a tropical storm warning that extend all the way to parts of Louisiana the Alabama Mississippi state line this is Tom all the com some bathroom go okay here maybe you've been hearing about really factor the one hundred percent drug free supplement that helps a person's body deal with inflammation and pain you've heard all the wonderful testimonials well I have my own testimonial for many years my lower back pain was becoming a serious problem the short story is I finally gave it a try and now I'm out of pain too so if you're in pain you can order the three week quick stop for just nineteen ninety five go to re factor dot com hi this is Dennis Prager and the Prager store has compiled every male female hours since twenty ten we've have topics in Cole's about marriage kids dating.

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