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Frank Lenzi is at the editor's desk. Nab with Gregg Hersholt, I'm MandA factor. The State Department's top diplomat for Europe is resigning west Mitchell says he's quitting for personal reasons. He fully supports secretary of state. Mike Pompeo Mitchell has been the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs for the past sixteen months and is an enthusiastic supporter of NATO. He joins a line of NATO supporters who have left the Trump administration in the face of the president's reported desire to leave that alliance. A California man is facing federal charges that he bombarded the loved ones of victims killed in the parkland school shooting was social media threats the FBI arrested Brandon flurry at his home in Santa Ana after authorities tracked down his address the agency says Flury admitted creating the Instagram profiles and an attempt to troll the victims and gained popularity president. Trump says he directed. White House press secretary. Sarah Sanders, not to bother with the traditional daily press briefings anymore. Let's go to our KOMO Newsline. ABC's? Karen Travers is with us. Karen, good morning. Good morning. I guess this is not as not a surprise. These had become few and far between Sarah Sanders hasn't had a White House briefing since December eighteenth that's before the government shutdown began, and you can imagine. There are a lot of questions for the administration since the shutdown started. And you have a chance to ask the president questions when he leaves the White House, he certainly engages with the media more so than any other of his press team. But it's just not the same and Sarah Sanders and her team have been very frequent guest on Fox News over the past month. She was on yesterday. So we're other officials. She's going back on this morning, and we can ask her questions when she's coming back to her office from those. But it's just not the same. There's a lot of frustration among the reporters here that there is a there's no opportunity to ask critical questions on behalf of the American people state of the union address is coming up next week. Week, or at least it's supposed to what's the status of that this morning. Well, we'll see stay tuned. The White House is signaling publicly that they're moving forward to deliver that speech as planned as he was invited before the house chamber in the house chamber before members of congress next Tuesday night. But we're also told the administration is considering an alternative option where maybe the president gets out of Washington and delivers what it would be a campaign style rally event somewhere else. It's only Wednesday, and we'll see what happens over the next six days. But things do have to happen for the president to speak up there. There has to be a formal resolution passed by the house and Senate to solidify that invitation that hasn't happened yet. Karen, it's day thirty three of the shutdown any movement tomorrow, the Senate will vote on two different measures one that is the president's offer from Saturday where it's five point seven billion for a border wall and temporary extensions of Dhaka three years for those young undocumented. Immigrants known as dreamers. That's unlikely to get the sixty votes needed to pass. There's also a democrat proposal to cleanly fund the government through February eighth. That's also unlikely to get sixty votes. So there we are. All right. We'll stay tuned. Nice to talk to you again this morning. Karen Travers ABC news correspondent with us from the White House. Michigan is pulling out four lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency. Democratic attorney general Dana Nessel has removed Michigan from two lawsuits that challenged the right of the EPA to regulate air pollutants at coal plants. The other two over challenges to exposure to mercury and toxic substances. The mayor of south bend, Indiana is taking steps to run for president. His name's Pete Buddhadev edge. And he made the announcement at a video today. Saying now is a season for boldness and a time to focus on the future. He's thirty seven years old, a former navy intelligence officer and was deployed to Afghanistan for seven months during his first term as mayor of south bend the teacher strike in. Los Angeles is over teachers will be back in class today after. A strike that lasted more than a week the president of the United teachers Los Angeles said last night, a supermajority of the Union's members voted to approve the agreement. He had reached with the district. Komo news time five.

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