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Right, my thanks to the jury boys for joining us. One last Friday, jury. Oh. It's so sad. Always good to catch up with James and Scott. And I will say I recorded the first part before I talk to the boys for the jury. They were open to recording like on Tuesday. So we might keep the jury in the Thursday spot. We'll see. We'll see. We will figure it out. Next week, as I said, I usually go pretty guest list next week, but I already got one book, and I might just go ahead and book a second. So we'll see. But it will be a Monday through Thursday. And we kind of would have been that anyways because Christmas Eve is next Friday in the New Year's Eve's next Friday. So really the schedule would have been Monday through Thursday the next two weeks anyways. But then it'll just be like that hopefully for the next 200 weeks or however long they let me keep doing this show, which I hope is forever. I told somebody, if I could, if I could do a long-term contract at the tracks I am at and to inspire podcast, do it in a heartbeat. Right now, let's sign the paperwork. Let's do it. We can preview some fun races down at tech Gulf Stream 5 stakes events. We'll talk about those here in a second. The New York bread aqueduct race is nice steaks at Oakland, the tinsel, so it is. Yeah, the tinsel stakes, 200,000 older routers. I thought it was interesting lone rock shows up in here. It was kind of become the king of the mile and 5 8 mile and three quarters mile and a half kind of route races. But he was very good going a mile on a mile in a 16th back in the day. Bill Matt and diodoro kind of trade it off claiming him. Diodorus had him ever since then, and I can't imagine he's going to be like not good at a mile and an 8th. It feels like he's just good, whatever distance, but some good runners in here. Huge big league for John Ortiz, so we just handed the show. John's got mucho in the allowance right before that steak. It's just a non conditioned $120,000 allowance at Oakland. Sir Alfred James is in there, long range toddy, who you guys, of course, no. And mucho, who we talked about with the John could have a big weekend at Oakland park coming up because mucho is super live, he's three O one on the morning line against CZ rocket who we know is kind of not been his CC rock itself as of late hasn't been running bad. He's just, he's just getting behind good horses. Doctor shivu and ginobili passing those kind of horses is not easy. And you know, I mean, passing whitmore wasn't easy, but he did that last year. But that's a really, really good race. The tinsel along with loan rock, a tenfold, who's almost won a couple of races out in New Mexico. He's a funny one. A horse made a 1 million 2. I mean, if you hit the board enough big races, and he won a couple big ones early on. Like you're gonna do that. Warriors charge who, you know, kind of was I always thought I need to lead type and he's now he hasn't won in a long time, not since 2020, but he was close last time out and he's kind of proven that he can come from off the pace a little bit, I guess. I don't know if they're going Thomas Shelby who's to was inside us is a total speed type, and I got to think Thomas Shelby's deodoro. He's got in there to hook things up for loan rock, right? Like that's that's got to be what the case is with that. Overt aqueduct. I want to save the Gulfstream races for the last because I looked at those the longest and have more opinions on those. But the New York stallion series races. And as I said earlier in the show, like if you have a New York bread that has any kind of ability or New York stallion, you kind of got to go after this. I really liked in the 8th race which is the Philly edition. The horse bank on Ana who was beaten to the maiden race, but I thought it was a very good battling maiden race and got the optics comment of grit. And whenever I see the grit comment, I take notice because it usually means that this horse just showed grit. Has heart. And I also think that's such a good quality and a racehorse this number came back pretty high, whether or not you get 8 to one. Is possibly in question, but we'll see. You're talking about a maiden who has it won. So it makes sense that it would be a little bit higher in the morning lining, especially against some horses who have won good maintenance. You get how do you make your money who was a stakes winner at presque isle? In a second in another state, it would bind, so you know, deserve a horse like that, morning match is 8 to 5 coming off a nice win at parks. There's Bill modor who's a maiden also yo 'cause another one who kind of made a really nice I mean it was beaten four.

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