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Dot com so you can find me on twitter at a law radio i'll ask you a question that i'm going to ask chris single ten when he joins us at the top of the next hour when you think about the three teams that have massive leads in their divisions right now it's the dodgers the nationals and then the astros who all have really chunky thick cushions job they're divisions we were talking about doublefigure leads in their divisions and yet each of them has a question with they're pitching staff so the dodgers are without clayton kershaw maybe a month maybe a month and a half maybe longer steven strasbourg is now going on the dal the nationals weren't orginally anticipating putting him on the disabled list but after watching them throw the decided it'd be better for him to take some time dallas kyko is scheduled to come back on friday for the astros they'd been without him with the neck issue for a while we'll see how he pages when he comes back now they've been fantastic without him and he can only help them if he's in anywhere close to dallas kyko form but wasted those three teams could use a starter the most or conversely which pitching staff is in the best situation when you consider the question marxist established so on twitter at a law radio or you can find me on the phones eight five five two one two four two two seven that's eight five five two one two four to seven we'll have to tweet the video or at least the gif but did you guys see what happened with adrian belle trey tonight i'm sure there are some frustration for the texas rangers they just got shelled shelled and embarrassed all their own field by the miami marlins including giancarlo stands thirtythird homerun but twenty two runs put on the board by miami at the ballpark at arlington so the rangers are still below 500 you darvish gave up ten earned so if this was his last start for the rangers it was a new the not quite cheered farewell card that you would expect if you're the rangers are and hope for so ten earned runs given up by darvish but that wasn't even hit the bullpen gave up twelve earned runs maybe this makes it easier for the rangers management to decide about trading yu darvish before the deadline maybe not i don't know what it is to all of this oh frustration embarrassment there for.

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