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He was trying to say it louder. Was i think i was like seven or eight years old but that meant something to me. I didn't know what i didn't know. What black and white was at that point in time. But i knew something about that. Song spoke spoke to me. Were you attending concerts by this point or first concert was july second nine thousand nine hundred seventy temptations temptations right after the right after psychedelic after one hour after that ball. Balkan fusion was on the album. That's that's right. I gotta get. I have to like howard. Did you go see to having no. No i was actually came out to my dad had to work in. La for the first half of that year so we came out at the end of june. I remember this very well. What did your parents do. My dad work the census bureau. He was a statistician. For years and mom was mom raised us and then was a part time teacher music teacher. So that was my. That was my parents that but but your mom was a music teacher she was. That explains eater. She was choctaw piano. So how me but stops. Did you ever wanna learn or dead. But i had never had the patience for it. The problem and i. I very few regrets in my entire life. That's the biggest regret. Didn't this day with the piano. That didn't stay with the drums. Tried budgeting patients at eleven and twelve years old to stick with the biggest regret. But i learned how to play some things about my own right so i can play I part of per on piano can play macarthur park. Oh wait a minute. Really gonna play mcdon- i can tell you i wanted and i used to play father song. I used to be able to play five song. Well but the first part of mcgarth sport. That's record shopping. stephen. I discovered on the forty five. We we had a radio. Promo of macarthur park. Would you have to know about macarthur. Park is that By donna summer just or overture. Hey arthur and richard harris richard harris right so mcgarth is part of sort of like a hail. Mary throw into the world of radio which each song should be about three minutes. And thirty seconds and the idea of telling radio programmers to let this seven minute. It's about seven seven. Seven hundred seventy seventy two or something like that. So it's very unusual one for a forty five to have a seven minute song but the actual artwork of the forty five of mcgarth park is more about the record label telling.

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