Fort Scott Kansas, Old Catholic Hospital, P. R. discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Menu on demand fitness gear lending program and signature heavenly bed learn more at Weston dot com a member of Merion von boy and from the listeners who support this NPR station this is weekend edition from NPR news I'm Layla father nearly twenty rural hospitals close this year alone more than any year in the past decade and that piece of closures is expected to continue as the cost of healthcare rises with too few patients to cover expenses the town of fort Scott Kansas lost its one hundred and thirty two year old Catholic hospital at the end of two thousand eighteen and P. R. and Kaiser health news have followed the city as it has tried to cope without it surging trouble with Kaiser health news travel to fort Scott this month where she found a town that was angry and scared but also coming to terms with what's left and Sara Jane joins me now in the studio good morning good morning so when the hospital closes what happens to a community what do the people of fort Scott said a mess and they still need well after the hospital closed a year ago the cancer center also closed and then the dialysis center closed and a lot of residents I talk to on this most recent trip we're most concerned about the lack of a place to deliver a baby mercy hospital in fort Scott delivered more than two hundred and thirty babies in the year before it closed now those mothers need to travel to the nearest hospital which is about thirty miles away to respect him for example had complications that put on bed rest so when the time came to drive the hospital the drive really bother her with you do live in a city you do travel seven to the hospital but this is a different kind of traffic you're on a two lane highway a lot of times you could get behind you know semi you get behind a tractor you know and it can be potentially unsafe driving conditions sometimes you're lucky if you have cell service so what kind of healthcare is actually left in fort Scott well it's not all bad news that nearby hospital thirty miles away has cut the emergency department open at least temporarily and a large regional health centre hired most of the local doctors and they took over the buildings there in fort Scott is providing many.

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