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All i think the basketball vivian is. Is everybody panicked. Hey they might be signing more players. But i will tell you this. If you're listening to this podcast you're wondering can they sign anymore players. You know k- kindergarten get another player on a one year deal. They're not going to be able to do that unless they actually make another news. I doubt they cut anyone that this part of the at this juncture. But you're thinking of someone like joe haden getting an extension restructuring some chris boswell that those moves will create salary cap space. Maybe signing tj watch the point brick and lower his cap it this year so unless those news happened. They can't do anything they don't have enough money. They don't have enough money to keep that in mind. Are a couple more questions from brian. Brian says what is your thought on. The to rumors about nelson are lee. Hooker coming to the team again. I don't think i don't buy those steven nelson rumors at all. I don't think he's coming back to pittsburgh Until i see that as actual fact in not just a rumor or report on twitter. I'm binding as firmly cooker again. Where are they going to create the money in izzy healthy. Is he healthy so far. When you think about the players they brought in who have had questionable injury history. I e trae turner in melvin ingram. When they brought them in they obviously talk to them. They obviously did a doctors. You know evaluation in a deemed them healthy enough to sign me kosher comes and visits with the steelers. An nothing no contract. That tells me there might be something lingering there for sure all right last question here. Who do you go to most often when you have questions about the team. Aim he tags. dave scofield. He tags brian. Anthony gave michael becker someone else. Hashtag rider died. So who do. I go to most often. When i've questions about the team it depends on the question. So for instance. All three of the guys you tagged. I can tell them something. I will go to them for if i were question. So for instance. Dave scofield if it is dave when this happened last season what we do on the website last year at this time. What do we do in regards to a lot of stuff from a functional air functioning website standpoint. Going to skip it. If it's hey who had what jersey number to display where back in one thousand nine hundred seventy four. I'm going to go to brian. Anthony davis can kind of remember some of these obscure tidbits of knowledge. If i want to know hey did you see something on social media or who's available who's not available. I'm going to to michael beck. That's who i trust with that information. So we we all kind of have our expertise. No one comes to me for expertise on anything so there you go that's A speaker request to your west wants to talk. He's longtime listener. What's up wes. I doing so. I asked you about the militia by is it. I must miss the first half of that. I went back and listen to it. Because i called him later on that show. But anyway so. I'll listen to a couple of other podcasts and a correction and i don't know how accurate this is but according to the other part cats We have enough money available in the cab without doing anything to sign one person of wrong as three million dollars less however the most likely scenario and his team talked about apparently in the backrooms within your examination according to other artists who have sources That a two and boswell restructured open. Even more money is almost definitely going to happen So the reason. I bring that up so they were talking about what other needs. We still have. And they brought up the safety and they brought up maliki coker and i'll listen to what you had to say. And here's my opinion on the leak. Looker you're unemployed for a reason bro. I don't even know if they're actually that talented because he's played. Maybe what three games your whole career. Because you can't stay healthy and in may or may not be even fault it. He's outed achilles in a blown. Acl and whatnot. So the last person should be running his mouth to anybody on. Twitter is dude cannot stay healthy that have missed more games in his weight. I want nothing to annual. I was one of the steelers fans who like yeah. This would be a good signing. No listen to your thing. And then i i really started to look at how many games he's played and how many times he's missed games and why is really done on the field and yes he's shown flashes of down but there no way we did not sign call doses for a very similar reason. I'll give you can't stay healthy. No chance we finally ochre. And i could do wrong but i doubt it now one name. I do think people should remember they have. I think it kills two birds with one stone and nobody talked about him all season whether it be the seals or anybody else is cornerback ryan pool who if we signed him could play nickel corner and let cam newton side to safety when we need release and it kills two birds with one stone and it would probably cost us slightly over that million bailable but i day right now. I agree with that bar. Jesse did quite some time ago in june. I want nothing to do with Ulker well thanks less. I appreciate you chiming in as always i have to say though that you know i trust aged goldfields when it comes to the numbers and he said you know that he. He wrote an article for the website to check it out. Bindings still dot com and You know he he breaks it down in the way that Just take a look. I don't know how much money they have remaining. We'll see all right folks that's about does it. For me kind of.

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