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Seven two one nine eight two eight. Let's go to a phone number. Beginning with four four seven might be international. Please state your name and where you're from four seven. Speak up if you're on hold all right. Four seven boo boo all right Let's go to eriko nine seven. thanks for holding. Please state your name and where you're from My name is matt. Jersey question on karma. What's the likelihood that after she gives birth and everything church. She might not come back to the. I mean given the fact that would has a phone travel schedule. She might obviously as a mother former kochman to her baby and it might be very hard for tax relieve every single weekend so to speak Jason you wanna answer your question on that. I was gonna say you really need to meet this guy. Chris you guys sound a lot like anything's possible You know becoming apparent changes people and if she decides that That being a stay at home mother just finding a career outside the wrestling industry is a better fit for her It's possible. I think it's i think she'll be back I don't get the. I never got the feeling. And that was part of the reason she's left is that she didn't get rich and tna. And so i you know. I think she's going to need it. I need the. Wwe money to help out as well so my guess is that she's back but there's always a chance i think what she told that it's not with a true story. A dream was to work for. Wwe and become a mom and and she spent a long time probably wanting to you know wanting both to come at the right time and they both have come at the same time. And i don't really gonna hold it against her. You know i do think. Wwe's kind of is going gonna make sure that she's back in a year Storyline wise after what they did last night as much as i have my reservations about taking the approach that they took if she shows up a year from now as a baby face there is a human interest story there that they can tell yeah and they can look good for making sure that there's a spot for her. When she comes back it would be a huge shame for them to put the divas in a position where they an example was set. Where if they got pregnant they were their career was over. You know you. Just don't wanna set that. No karma has the advantage that no one's going look at her and go. Oh she's still got some pregnancy weight on her. A lot of the divas whose gimmick is not is different than karma's would have a lot of pressure to still be able to wear the same outfits and look the same way and they may need a little more time after pregnancy to get back into the shape that that would satisfy the handsome debonair dunn's team women But it was nice. From the perot. Jim ross under the bus. And that promo to i. I have no doubt that he said that to her and i would have told her this same thing. Just because that's wwe's tasted human being mean he's not saying at slob and you don't deserve a job what he's saying is had given the direction W w know given vincent man and kevin dunn and the whole you gotta look like you've been on your previous job. Was you know being on a stripper pole or posing for some or being a model on the runway. I mean i'm sorry. You look at her and i mean i think she's great. She should shake things up. But jim just telling the truth not trying to insult her. Yeah do we go back. Is it all the way back to birth fates. There's been an overweight diva. Ask me that again. Do we have to go all the way. Back to bertha faye in order to find an overweight diva. Well no you go back to mickie. James north wall and all those an elwin natalia fat slobs that you don't have the figure of layla and michelle mcconnell and eve and and the bella twins all right sarcasm over Matt flash chris from new jersey slash. New york thanks for your call. Let's go to Air five five nine please. State your name and where you're from you guys see from california from california. You sound like ian from tennessee to me. No i'm kidding. Go ahead No two quick questions real quick one With that Smackdown spot you've been saying that you've been wanting some better cross promotion. I think that that's the smackdown spot on raw. Last night really showed what the story has been the last couple of weeks and it kinda got me ready to watch it this right. I don't typically what smackdown. But i wanna see what's going to happen this. What do you think. I think it was better steve. I would still say this. And i and i talked about this. I think on my keller hotline on one of my killer hotlines last week. What i'd like to. I think a lot of people tune out anything looks like a commercial. We didn't get the voiceover guy going. Friday on smackdown. I just think people go up. it's a commercial. I'm going to do what i'm gonna do. I think they do that for movies for tough enough. I think the best way to cross promote a product is in the show. And so i think what's better is to have last night. My call in and booker t say A mycosis booker. Did you see smackdown. I'm not booker. Lawler michael cole. Say jerry lawler. Did you see smackdown last week. I thought it was really intriguing blah blah blah blah blah. And then and then and then lawler back and says. Yeah you know. And we're looking forward to friday the announcement friday. There's going to be a title match with shameless order. And you talk about that. And then and then they say well here. Let's fill fans in. Let's go to a video package to make it more conversational. Make it relevant. To the ron answers of big enough deal that they talk about it. In fact i'd even go so well. I mean there's still that sense of separate brands but it would be it'd be nice if even a wrestler or two when you feature a world title match on either raw or smackdown. I think you have to treat it as a big deal. Jump your marini has been on the show. He's talked about he so it wasn't even on the table when he worked there. And we're just talking two thousand ten back to two thousand nine wasn't even on the table for the writers to bring up. Let's put a world title match on tv because that was look. You're failing as a writer if you have to give up a world title match in order to sustain interest in the tv show. That's going too far. You say that for pay per view well. They've given up on that. They're just putting world title matches on tv now. So when you do it make it make a big deal to the point where i almost think you have other wrestlers on raw talking about it and i learned this going back to the eighties. When dusty rhodes was going to wrestle squash match on on world champion pressing on saturday or on the syndicated show worldwide. Nwa worldwide wrestling..

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