Derek Holland, Tony Wall, Freddie Freeman discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Park tied to pick player. John. Go ahead. Go ahead, or whatever you want. All right. I'm gonna go with Derek Holland. Pitch. Really, well and only allowed the one run while he was in there and. And even that one it was just he got a ground ball to this to second base. And there was nobody plans second base at that moment. Get free. And he got Freddie Freeman to hit this ground ball. And but they they didn't have the full over shift on they had only the partial shift so Crawford. Stay little bit almost up the middle of a little bit to the shortstop satisfaction. And. You talk about the way things are going for Atlanta. And that was it. So FREDDY Freeman tip capture him he found a way to get it done and get that run home the tied the ballgame. But Holland deserve better. And Lord his earned run average a three point four six. So he continues to just be a great story for the giants here. So a pick pick Mike I'm going to take Tony wall. Let's in because he comes into a bases loaded. Nobody else situation and he gets a pop up in. He faces Ronald kunia who's been swinging a good. He throws three fastballs right through and that becomes a very Maha. Wacho confrontation. So I'm taking Tony will oxen. He's my guy. Good pick Joe panic three hits almost shot at four in the morning, but the Balkany shit right.

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