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Dwarf is our guest. As we continue here with, sports and more all right now you come. Back in Bob hallway is a shorttimer he's just the two years two years and maybe one year too long so here comes a guy named. Don corio who was from, the west coast and everybody likes Don coryell, and everybody thought he deserved a chance so he gets a chance but, he brings along another guy with him and this is. Maybe where your career started to go in another direction a guy who led the country receiving as an end and, now he's lying coach talk about that, relationship with coryell saving. The offense and baby. Basically saving Jim Hartz career and. Then he comes Jim Hannifin well you gotta understand something this was three ESPN this, was pre three hundred channels There wasn't a guy on our team that I knew that had any idea who, Don coryell was he was coach at, San Diego State he. Might as well have. Been coaching in Honolulu or Japan Back then, California we, didn't know any right we didn't know. Anything and so he shows up and he's now the head coach of of the cardinals and he. Has back then coaching staffs were much. Smaller compared you know you see it now or teams have One coach yeah well back then Don coryell. Had. Three, offensive coaches The. Wide receiver quarterback coach was rod our, the line coach was Jim Hannifin and the. Running backs coach was joking jobs And for five years that staff remained intact And by, the way before, you asked me a question I will say if you would have pulled any of the players we would've I guarantee you that we would collectively said the guy with. The least chance to be a successful head coach, would be Joe gifts Just because Djilas counselor analogy Quietest, of the group at all That's a good thing Joe was a racehorse Lockheed. Visit, the glue factory a. Lot sooner or yeah But? How. About that for that is that election, of talent incredible and when you talk about those guys the think. At that, point because there wasn't as much information available I mean you can dial up. Anything, anytime. These guys really had to coach people up oh yeah and. That's, a great difference, compared to what you have now well, Joe Gibbs coach two thousand yards out of Jim. Otis If if if that didn't. Indicate, that he had, hall of fame potential with nothing else I'm sure committee room they're like okay why is gives he was his name hey. Costa Jim Otis for thousands of thirty six yards area voted unanimously three point nine yards Well he didn't have a. Rush over twenty five yards that year he broke out a we, have the we, have one class we have one classic piece of footage Jim motorist breaks into the open he's got, like sixty yards of. Open space, in, front of you and there's a there's, a, shot, where he turns and looks for Steve Jones because he wanted to lateral the ball And you know we only laugh about Jim Otis because I'll. Tell you something tough, Hombre oh God, he was tough and. He never lost yardage that's the thing. That you appreciated about Jim voters. He he was he never bounced it to the outside we used, to call him, the king of cutback because it was going between the tackles and you know what I appreciated that You know when you talk about, Jim Morrison that men been blocking for him let's talk about that. Offensive line they marched you guys. Down for eight sacks given up but actually was seven because one actually. Was six but, okay we're down tell, me about it well it was the, right the one the one they got Jim Bakken Jim Bakken, got caught. Behind the line of scrimmage on a fake. Field. Goal, and. They. Ruled that that was an attempted pass. What a crock so that was one of, them the other, one was we are mopping up against the New York Jets it Shea. Stadium we're, being and they they take heart out of. The game and it put our backup. Quarterback in? Guy named Gary. Quasi Gary Keithly quasi was here earlier. Also to ponder too yeah yeah yeah yeah they put him in the mop up he audibles to a pass? And get sacked He. Gets so we are standing at the. Fifty yard line of Shea Stadium back then And I am restraining Dobler Chris. Conrad is going to beat him to a pulp now this might have been great footage I should've let him go because it's not every day you see an. Offensive guard beating the holy crap out of. Your own quarterback, at the fifty yard line but he had it coming speaking of visa, we had legitimately we. Gave up six sacks and I tried the one thing. We did which was really amazing this was a fourteen game season back then At the end of seven games halfway through. The, season we'd given up zero somebody. Got sloppy and we went seven consecutive games unheard without a sack and I know some will started away on Jim Hart it started away on everybody a little. Bit but one of the things about heart. He had a, quick release was he could cut it loose with anyone while he was, you knew where he. Was going to be he wasn't Fran tarkenton And. People go well Jesus isn't that make it no, it makes an offensive, lineman it makes your job easier when you know where. Your guy there's nothing worse than running your, guy field knowing full well you're taking him out right the perimeter of the pocket and then the two of you run over. Your quarterback because he's on some mad scramble. So yeah it was But we were very. Proud, of that we were that good pass blocking speaking of which you said physically. Assault offensive line play, then compared, to what we see now there were literally there were salts, taking place on the field I mean we everybody knows the. Story about Colorado voter but the way Jim Hannifin taught how to block basically if it was done. Anywhere else, somebody would be arrested well Jim Hannifin one of, the first times we were in a meeting with him he he told us he, said, I, want somebody to go? Get, the book where it says. Defensive linemen are meaner nastier and tougher than offense of lineman, I need somebody to show me where that's doctrine where that, is the way it's supposed? To be he said let, me tell you something I don't believe in and he told us that we are going. To, be, the next Asti. Physical, dominant group on the field not the defensive line which is the way I. Think everybody's coming up, the defensive, guys are the tough guys and he didn't want to hear, about that and so and back then we weren't allowed you. Know the the rules for offensive lineman were kind of archaic we compared it today I mean we. Weren't even, allowed to have our hands. Open we we couldn't hit somebody with an open Paul because that was against the rule You know. There's a, picture all the time where I got my fists clenched. Well that's not what. We had, to keep that's how we had to keep that's how. We had to block well they could by member though promotional photographs of football Well yes together That's how you had to break right in front of your. Stern of. That thank God I came all along a. Little after that if you notice most of these fixtures? Are, in, color Got a face mask that's a good thing Yeah we've got to. Go a step, farther, but that's your. Right so Hannifin said well wait a minute if. We, have to play with a closed fist well let's use, it and because you could and we did you could haul off and and and punch a. Guy as hard as you as you could if you could, keep yourself under control at. The same time don't overextend lose your balance but there are a lot of times when, a guy came in to any of us and if he was foolish enough, to put his arms up in the air we were going to tickle his. Liver because we were We were drilling and right in the, gut and you know what those arms they started to come down there Deardoff, is I guess stick around we're covered back.

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