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I Heart radio. All your favorite music, all your favorite stations. All three Iraqi talking about what happened at King's Island over the weekend. If you were there, we'd love to hear from your 749 7800 the big £1.700 on a TNT. Much of fights in the park itself and in the parking lot as people started to spell out. Closed a half hour early. Yes, let's talk to David about it, David. Thanks for holding buddy. What do you have? Are you there? No, I got it. Good afternoon. No, I was not there. But I was just wanted to comment on the nature of these Children of these young kids. Um, I live in North Avondale. I grew up in some of the rough neighborhoods and Cincinnati. And I hear a lot of you know, I was changing. Stand about the isn't the coal bin. Maybe they don't have anything to do. And I'm just gonna let you know it is not true. These kids are in the inner city neighborhoods. They I mean, I was out there. I didn't know Mistress but my mother put got kind of character and moral in me. So when I did do something wrong I was afraid of. My mother was afraid to come home because I knew the punishment. I was gonna get mostly pants. Now they are glad to give it to their Children to go out and their kids are not accountable for doing anything wrong. The parents will soon know sort of jump on you. Did you even bring the accusation about their Children to down? You can't get the town and go to the parents. Not on the doors. Those days are over with. The Children have no fear. They have no respect. I'll walk up and down this street I drive past And you could see it in. Oh, I could see the fight and shooting. This is a whole different generation. And these kids, you chump change. They do not care anything about truth. They don't care anything about themselves. And it makes me ashamed at first when I first heard that story, and.

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