Austria, World War, Baseball discussed on Monday Morning Podcast - Monday Morning Podcast 7-9-17


So the big battle about that and they're going to like knock it down but i got to be honest with you as much as on not down with the nazis like if i went to austria i would go see their place i would be like the most evil baby you know that jordan of evil babies fucking came home to that place right there people walked in and saw baby hitler will like ours any adorable look at his eyes going on in there so they want to get rid of that i know i thought that that was fucking interesting like this is what kills music who fucking how do people know that that's where he grew up so many people fucking died in world war two you'd think that anybody that even remotely fucking remembered it the old people are perhaps planes right down stray finally got his face hera white dumb ripe the just past a story on its two juicy a gossip that it just it just keeps getting past down to the point they got a down this perfectly good fucking building i guess it needs to be redone little bit like doing what the baseball stadiums over here and then what happens day throw it out in ends up in the ocean thrown out the fucking mediterranean sea that water you know the wahdat that when you go over there they try to say there's no sharks in them until you go on the internet is that guy decided there was a couple of attacks enemy there's been a couple of attacks but that that speech rare.

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