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Maybe the hardest thing that i had to do was There was one episode of the goldbergs. It was called. It was a parody on revenge of the nerds but it was called revenge of the perms and i can't remember why i think it was because let's revenge if the nuts by the way oh revenge. Oh okay yeah. I i actually. I'm going to have to explain that. Because it's an american movie that's about these nerds like this group of nerds in high school. It's an eighties movie. And they basically take revenge on all the fraternity. Oh no they're in college They take revenge on all these fraternities in jocks and like all these like popular sassy girl that humiliate them and everything they they get together and they're so smart and technologically wise. They can build these contraptions they take revenge on all these people prank them not like serious revenge. I don't know i got. and then. And then they like they become the popular ones like they become like the chains of the college so it was a parody on that. I think it was called. Revenge the perms because there's always two stories in the goldbergs. So i was a part of like that revenge of the nerds story where Adamant i and then there's like dave kim and shinichi via like were the nerves and we were taking revenge on the bullies And i think like the other side of story was like beverly goldberg was like got like these terms in her hair but they look dreadful so kinda mix us stick together but i think the hardest part of that was that was when i was. I think i was around like seventeen. So that's when i that's when the work hours from me were i increasing so before they were just kinda like limited to like nine or ten hours but then at that age it was like all day so that was one of the first days where i really got to experience. Just like working from like six. Am to midnight and now yeah it was insane. But i think what kept me going was the adrenaline of the final scene. We did was it was like the nerds one. We did it and everyone loves us. So we go on the stage at like a party at the college and we performed come sail away by sticks and eighty song and And chad me. I was like in like this. Elvis presley sued. And i was like the guitar and i was like kicking and jumping and soon splits and everything but this was in may so that was so. I didn't realize that. I was like just totally exhausted and drained until we were done. And i don't wanna like make it come across that. That's what i do all the time from like mornings midnight but that was like one of that was definitely one of the hardest thing but it was totally worth. It was so much fun and so at that point. You'd still be to you'd at the age of seventeen you'd still be in school right seeds. They'll be like long shoots into the night and studying on top of that. I had to take hours the next day. Oh my god like good for you. That's amazing thank you go. You're so hard working and just really young very passionate. I love that so nice and my favorite quote in la la land. I bring this up all the time. They will love what other people are passionate about. That's what it's all about. Very then. Jacob final question are you watching and enjoying anything on television at the moment..

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