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Ugh i i are a grander larry god big grand ord golf quicker i been quitely higher life both guys and i get it you know it he rode banning all that but the culture to throw terrible here so i give me ben over gough just white leave out uh let's see marquees lee or paul richardson ppar league that's brian alvarez yeah uh i will markeith equally mike spectator at patrick peters that'll be unwritten mostly tonight chris in studio city which question for matthew berry well quite quickly early devon aren't you or lyric with gerald at the prop one arm i liked both guide in an ideal world you get both mennea lineup but you know what give me larry fitzgerald web lightly higher seattle at who really struggled against wear fitzgerald is seven any to the last who gave the truth fan it started here i like pontius quite a bit i really have them like one spot next week and i gave it failed at like fifteen and sixteen this week but uh you know carolina at home dolphin back look pretty good secondary so fit the quietly though all right chris in chino chris you're on with matthew perry what's up got got a question he why healthy in our larry fitzgerald non ppr quit carrow by quote fitzgerald miklos here's a guy on here who's got exactly my dilemma which is uh jared gough or matti ice this was jr dang asking and i have the same decision to make i have matt ryan to spot the head ho jared gough you think about the cowboys i mean the fact the matter is is that matt ryan is at home cowboys giving of over seventeen fantasy points per game two opposing quarterback he has just been a bust for me every time we later i played him last week in yard god threw for four touchdowns i always guests wrong on these two and do work and i got it by the way the patterns have been absolutely brutal i'll laughable we've just been uh completely destroyed by posing quarterback can you know gough is obviously red hot off the game against the giant.

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