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It's called long road and program in the soundtrack of a generation. And yeah, I think if you are into music of that period, I think you'll really like this book. Well, I could do a whole four hour show talking about music with you, Steven. So unfortunately, I want to talk about college football here. So, Steve. All right, well, next time we'll do the four hour show. That'd be great. Exactly. Thank you, Steven so much, man. We really appreciate it, bud. Great. Thank you so much. Absolutely, Stephen Hayden. Listen, if you want to go counterculture on college football and talk about the PAC 12 counter programming and everything, I'm your guy for counterculture music. That is there's very few of the, let's call them mainstream country artists that I can listen to. Stapleton's probably one of them. Love Stapleton. But if you don't know who Margo prices, if you don't know who Tyler Childers is, if you don't know who Jason isbell is, if you don't know who Brent Cobb is, I live in Nashville folks, so I'm spoiled. But there is a whole wave of country artists that if you are a southerner, you can not be called a southerner if you don't know who Margo price is. Full stop. Your calls. Next. Breaking call, this is the Paul pym show here on ESPN radio. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. 855-242-7285. Braden Gaul in for Paul, ESPN radio. We'll talk some big 12 coming up next hour, coach, call me back, all right? Eddie and Alabama, Eddie, what's up, man. Welcome to the show.

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