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Know, Bot, which is, by the way mark that's every filmmaker now has to assume for the rest of time. That rum if you're making not a marvel movie or not, James Bond or Star Wars that you're gonna be a movie, that's how people are going to consume Always from from now on. So we will be the first movie really to be out in theaters. This Friday. Wherever we can, But, you know, iTunes, Amazon, you know all those places and you know since most you can't go out of 4th July celebration side encourage you, Teo Watch family. Scott Eastwood. Orlando Bloom. I think Caleb Landry Jones could be an Oscar nominee for the film he played. Plays on Medal of Honor Recipient Carter. People. People have gotten Oscar nominations for other films of yours. I was mentioned the Contender Joan Allen got oven Oscar nomination there, Jeff Bridges as well. Yeah, bridges as well. The proposal he was a little Yeah, Yeah, yeah, This is not a political film. But it is a riveting combat movie. The outpost. The director is Rod Laurie, a friend of the show and always. Ah, pleasure. And now that you visited once we hope you'll visited more. You'll visit more. I should say, and Albert, get him for the podcast place and he'll continue a conversation with me on upon a podcast, Enzo. I love it. The outpost. Go see it. Thanks. You don't even have to go see if you can stay at your house. In fact, that's pretty much see it at home. Alright as we continue. Thanks, Rod Laurie and director of the outpost. Good luck. Mark Thompson, kgo 8 10 This might look like a normal job. But it's not when hackers infiltrate networks and steel are destroyed proprietary data we're all at risk back used to be a mid level programmer until she earned a masters degree in cyber security online at Grand Canyon University. Now she's setting sophisticated honey pots to lure and catch hackers. What do you think? Protecting your company? Looks like DC you offers over 175 high quality online programs.

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