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Wants to release as much as possible, but added that may only be a summary report suggests that Muller's report could be finished as soon as next week fired Palm Beach gardens police officer Newman Raja's manslaughter. Trial begins with jury selection today Rogers, charged with manslaughter for the two thousand fifteen shooting of thirty one year old korry Jones, and one of Roger's defense will be the state's controversial stand your ground law. According to the police report Jones had a concealed weapons permit and pulled a handgun. That's when Roger shot him. Russia's attorney said he identified himself and fired after Jones threatened him. This is Ricky bowl Fe. Newstalk eight fifty W F T L Florida's Senate criminal Justice committee is looking to target human traffickers with a new Bill. According to Senator Loren book it will target the people buying sex instead of those selling it creates a soliciting for prostitution registry. That will record the criminal history of some found guilty of soliciting another to commit or engage in prostitution, the registry of names would also be made public and unprecedented. Pope ordered summit on the sex abuse crisis is underway in a small auditorium dotted with the purple and red caps of bishops and cardinals somber of Francis. Reminded the nearly all male group why they're here. They I've called you here to listen to the cries of the little ones asking for Justice. He said the people of God are watching us and want concrete measures outside the gathering and Barrett. Doyle of the group bishops accountability says concrete measures can mean only one thing a one strike, and you're out policy to be universally applied in the Catholic church, Meghan Williams. ABC news Rome job, creators network is letting everyone know that they are not happy with New York. Democrat Representative Alexandria, Akasa Cortez. The group has put up a billboard in Times Square that reads in part Amazon pullout, thanks for nothing. A O. See? Roger stone's former Broward home is now up for rent houses. Where two dozen heavily armed FBI agents. Arrested stone in January his wife says he is moving into a smaller apartment nearby to save money for his legal defence a foreign sign has been posted outside the Fort Lauderdale property, but he might not even need the smaller apartment because the federal judge in his case may throw him in jail. Today for posting a controversial Instagram photo of her Alexi Baer news talk eight fifty W F T L and the first Israeli spacecraft made to land on the moon will launch from Cape Canaveral tonight at eight forty five. You're next update at nine thirty. I'm here to stay connected with news anytime at eight fifty WT dot com. Let's check out your drive this morning. We'll start you off in West Palm with an accident..

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