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Sixty AM the answer time now for the Riley update message of the day Bernie Sanders verses the media corporations Bernie is really up against it now after the super Tuesday vote which went Joe Biden's wage generally speaking Bernie Sanders carrying his home state of Vermont Colorado Utah and California but by the sweeping all the other states and many pundits were surprised it wasn't anything Joe Biden actually did that helped him garner the vote it was the point of view of the media corporations now let me explain you know that Bernie Sanders has demonized corporate America he feels that big companies are evil don't pay their fair share are exploiting the workers and on and on and on and on well ninety percent of the national news flow in America is controlled by corporations Disney owns ABC news Viacom CBS news Comcast NBC news eighteen T. CNN the Associated Press run by the Hearst corporation Washington post Amazon's Jeff Bezos owns that Wall Street journal fox news are owned by News Corporation all of those corporations do not like Bernie Sanders for a very simple reason the people who run them often get paid in stock their fortunes are built on paper and they can sell a stock when they want but if the stock price keeps going up so does their wealth if Bernie Sanders is ever elected president the stock market will tank you saw with the corona virus is done to the market that's a pin **** to what Bernie Sanders would do so all of the corporate moguls would lose a bloody fortune should Bernie Sanders get elected therefore they make it clearer to their lieutenants and this is called top down strategies that Bernie Sanders can't win who's the alternative Joe Biden let me give you very specific example M. S. N. B. C. is the most liberal television news agency in history no one has ever come close to promoting left wing causes like MSNBC does every day all day yes MSNBC has not gotten behind Bernie Sanders it doesn't make any sense Sanders is by far the most liberal candidate yet the NBC people do not boost him they are in the Biden camp that is because they know those people on television that their bosses don't want Bernie Sanders therefore Sanders is not only running now against Joe Biden he's running against corporate America which controls ninety percent of the news flow so it will be almost impossible for old Bernie to win and his supporters are not going to be happy when the democratic convention rolls around in July to see Joe Biden on stage one Cavite Biden is shaky so Bernie will stay in the see what happens I'm bill o'reilly after I was back bill o'reilly zero eight weekdays at ten eleven and twelve noon on eight sixty AM the answer Wells Fargo has become the third major US bank to announce it will not support financing for oil and gas projects in the arctic according to the anchorage Daily News the bank identify the arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Alaska's north slope is an area where it will not invest Wells Fargo joins the Goldman Sachs group and JP Morgan chase and the decision not to provide arctic funding Wells Fargo says the decision applies only to project finance the bank plans to continue on going relationships with oil and gas companies in the arctic that is correspondent Jeremy house reported president trump's campaign has filed a third lawsuit against the news organization in the past two weeks Friday's action against you then follow similar arguments made against the New York Times The Washington Post each of the cases concerned opinion pieces to talk about the trump campaign involvement with Russia's more details at town hall dot com here's the thing about new cherry vanilla coke though cherries named first all the flavors tastes just as great I mean it could have just as easily been vanilla cherry coke or it could have been coke cherry vanilla and since it's too amazing flavors of coke it might have been cold vanilla cherry coke or cherry vanilla coke coke unless you're in France which would make it a cocktail of an island and a Chevy Democrat.

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