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This guy he's got he's Tan. Yeah so he's you know he's very he's a settlement. Why would he was verified and instagram? Which is as somebody who's verified and in okay? I don't take advantage of that. No you're not you're you're very humbled by it. You serve it more than you take. 'em Like look at the picture this old building. We've got a look at it. Yeah exactly all right in another instagram clip. That was viewed. At least one million times he displayed a pill and said it makes it impossible to contract the disease for those who have tested positive. I'm also really worried. That these pills. And these whatever's in the syringe are paying like hurtful like the guy that what did he eat like. There was some some person that took some medicine and died in Muslims malaria. Or it's like what does even. Okay let's it's a hoax. It's fake but what is even in their cooking the stuff up in like a big tin drum outside of his. I honestly hope it's something that's just. It's just a water pill or placebo me to that. Bet that's where I hope. Here's a little more from the scripture of Keith Lawrence. Imagine mentioned that his middle may see the Warrenton. Oh sophisticated and middlebrook definitely is last name. Yes I've developed a cure for the krona virus cove nineteen that's period after six weeks of intense focus and development six weeks but but intense focus. He's not talking. He wasn't like being diverted by instagram. He was letting other people he was eating. His sleeves rolled up. Yeah exactly. He was having lean cuisines. Not Bothering cooking probably shower. That much focused Tan was very uneven focus and development and development and he's very little sleep. What probably because cain cocaine that guy in all you know. That guy smells awful. He's probably eighty five percent. Admiral that's generous you. I would say it's more cocaine. I'm currently going to mass production the CDC the WHO and mainstream media capitalized right have created a pandemonium environment. Just zero it's pandemonium is Great. It's like I'm reading a breaking news piece in the New York Times to answer this just because it's what I do. I've created corona virus prevention pill after three days of taking the person is immune to the virus and stays immune as long as they continue to take it once a day in the morning. You can't so I took it after ten. Am What's morning? Do we know a morning is is it? Is it like a list if you live in the nightlife if I'm at a hotel it's like? Is it the time where I get my continental breakfast? And that's like six minutes is seen or is it more like a relaxed like ten thirty hours. He's probably bearing the body of processing time. Just get all boy and also the cove in one thousand nine formula vaccine cure to satisfy physiological and psychological need at large what high why why the psychological war weren't so you know what. I mean like vagueness based on his youtube videos Keith. Middlebrook doesn't believe the current ivars outbreak is a real threat of course He's anyway committed. Anyway it's like listening to the two of you might have grace of God go i. Yeah he accused the centers for the CDC and the World Health Organization W And the mainstream media of lying about Cova nineteen causing a pandemic. He says all the crap you hear in the media. We're all in this together. That's bullshit total bullshit ever GONNA be Carson here only from quoting you. Don't have to participate with the losers the massive mainstream media and CVC who as if there's a pandemic and millions of people are dying in the streets. There's not Paul is that we're talked outside and I looked at my street. Known was dead in it so everyone don't believe what he's a couple of dead in it but he's not based on corona virus. According to court records middlebrook previously arrested for wire for in two thousand fourteen after allegedly running a fraudulent credit score improvement business. It was dismissed in two thousand sixteen judge set his arraignment for April sixteenth. So as we're doing this not yet but we will follow up if convicted as charged. You could face up to twenty years in prison when I think Newsweek heavy time and Justice Dot Gov oh God that's serious actually talking to my uncle who is a public defender about the court system and what's happening and actually that might be delayed because the courts are so backed up right now. Don't Zoom Do. Yeah Yeah we could be Jersey Act like Digital Bible swearing on cats are running in the thing on a sears sears. You know everyone's well. Yeah definitely Hanging in there reach out to us. We love people reach out and it's been very kind and really inspiring really nice If you needed care package let us know. We'll get out there. Although I'm not sending things out this week right give it out a little bit but we never we have good memories and we will get it to us to just you know. Hopefully you're feeling okay. And if you want your credit score perfect. Eight hundred wells cycle usually call. Seth Cohen Brooke Davis Blair Waldorf sound familiar it takes three network houses show surrounding your favorite nostalgic teen dramas whether you're watching for the first time or your binning for the fifth time you'll definitely want to check us out. You can listen to tree hill. Talk Let's talk. Oh C. N. Three gossip girls on your preferred listening platform and for more information visit. It takes three network DOT COM..

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