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Hi, you're on ground zero client, happy thanksgiving thanksgiving to you. Hey, do you have any information does gravy, kill anything gravy? Smothering with grave. It works in of poor countries. Muddle. Mother everything with gravy and Saracho, and I'll bet ya. I. That's awesome. No, no. I was reading what was it? Hold on and say, I was reading somewhere they're saying now that white wine can kill some of this stuff. You know? That's what I'm doing right now. White table wine organic. Line. Joe's white wine. White wine. Actually, there's something wine that if you drink it sharp, okay here. It is listen to this American when you're making the gravy. Putting the gravy American. Scientists are developing I- Chardonnay base spray disinfectant after proving that wine kills E coli salmonella and staff staphylococcus or staffer caucus to go. Then microbiologists Mark the shell. Jessica just at Oregon state university. Discover that wine especially white wine inactivated virulent bugs called pathogens like E coli and salmonella and staphylococcus and. Keeps yellow. According to the journal of American society of microbiology, the pair put the germs in a model stomach containing, gastric, juices and food materials and added the Chardonnay or Pinot Noir within sixty minutes. He coli was inactivated salmonella was killed within thirty minutes and other experiments showed the winds were also lethal to the other pathogens. It's not the alcohol and the wine. That kills the germs of scientists discovered. Finding that unfermented grape juice had no effect on the pathogens. The scientists managed to isolate the properties in the wind that killed the bugs they found in his the malic and tartaric acid that kill bacteria rather than anything president the alcohol. So that's the story that I'm good to go. So go ahead yourself some wine, and you know, the Kirke, okay? Here's my other comment was that, you know, her remember when Trump declassify all the, you know, the Kennedy assassination Quiles, I've spent days days kind of scheme. Through all those things, and you know, here was this one document in. There was the plan to wipe out the crops in Cuba. And I don't know if you read any those or anything about that was in the north woods document. Yeah. It was a thing that was declassified. On Sunday project north woods. It was project. Northwards basically creating false flag operation terrorist events, blaming them on other people. But going in and killing the specifics on how they were going to do it. But they were gonna destroy the crops in Cuba starve, the people in Cuba. You know, what it was never implemented? You know, obviously. But it was it was a plan to do that. Well, in this also, I guess you can couple it with. I was just talking to Jack about the national security study memorandum two hundred which was basically implication. Good. What's that who? Jack awesome. Yeah. Yeah. National security study memorandum two hundred implications of worldwide population growth for US security overseas interests, this was filed by Henry Kissinger, basic the study claimed population growth in the so-called lesser developed countries as grave threat to the United States national security and adopted as official policy by November nineteen seventy five they were working on having some way to create zero population growth, and they concluded that the United States was threatened by population growth, and that measure had an a measure had to be taken to lessen the population in the United States or that would be forced to regulate vital resources like food and water. The idea was to create scarcity in other words in order to curb population growth rates, you create scarcity, and then of course, everything works itself out in the end. So I believe I believe it and. You don't like the food. You know to destroy the crops and Cuba that goes back to the sixties. Yep. And this was what? Just after the Nixon administration was a seventy four I think or something like seventy four, and that's where they were talking says here mandatory programs maybe needed, and we should be considering these possibilities. Now would be considered an instrument of national power is US prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can't won't control their population growth. And he said if we could make famine happen, we could we could actually control the population. Doing our member about the CIA was that that were declassified. Was the could make it look like it was a naturally occurring right disease that that hit the crops, right?.

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