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Effect on the pandemic here in Washington. Ryan Harris. Come on is Lauren Culp, the Republican and lost to governor Insley in a landslide has ended his lawsuit that hope to invalidate the election attorney Stephen Pigeon spoken a video on cults Facebook page and blamed the withdrawal on technicalities. We're going to leave this battleground now. And instead bring our case for election reform to you and the court of public opinion. But Pigeon is facing punishment from the courts in the state bar for filing suits with false and unsubstantiated claims. Was given an ultimatum to withdraw the suit by noon today. Culp has now changed a social media accounts to say former candidate for governor, but pigeon could still face disciplinary action. National Guard, members of State Patrol troopers continued a line a fence directed outside the state Capitol and surrounding buildings. Almost Charlie Harder tells us they'll be there through at least the middle of next week. This comes after unreciprocated the governor's mansion last week, and the FBI is warning of threats against all 50 state capitols through Inauguration Day. Trooper Chelsea Hodgson with the Washington State Patrol tells us they don't know of any specific threats in Olympia, but they're ready for whatever might happen in little over a week. We're working in collaboration with the National Guard, and we have personnel that are standing by that can handle any threat or anything that could come our way. FBI words of heightened risk on Sunday and Inauguration Day on Wednesday, Charlie Harder. Come on. Ooh, come on news time 8 10 and for the beacon plumbing Sports desk Men's college basketball in Seattle to night. Second half right now. Seattle you leading Utah Valley 80 to 78..

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