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Nothing what did you say you you look at. Your daughter's had a moment of on your horrible. He's a father a husband. I just couldn't do it. So i brought you back. Mike and you are your reinstated after one days suspension. But don't question my pronunciation ever again. I mean come on. that's funny. You should bring that up mike because There was a story that broke yesterday which We gotta talk about here after being released by. Wwe last week mickie. James posted a picture on social media. Thursday afternoon showing a box w we sent her. That had her belongings in a trash bag quickly. Apologized james and say the person responsible has been fired. It is unknown if others involved will also be relieved of their duties. They meltzer said the person involved is someone major and then moments later in what quickly became an overhaul of the talent relations. Department senior director. Mark carrano is no longer with debbie on thursday following the trash bag incident that went viral on wrestling. Twitter news first reported by wrestling and confirmed by meltzer. You know this is a very Let's start at the beginning. So they brought in this fellow here. This nick con and nikon helped them You know i. I've been seeing this stuff to go back even further by the way this stuff on twitter w their earnings call. We can talk about that a little bit later and and people are like. Oh if only if only vince was as good at booking he was business and it's like bros. know anything about business. you don't vincent. Strongest strength is as a businessman. His strong strength to strong strength is what is its hiring. Other people that are created business. What of them being. Nick con- like dorks think that vince isn't all these meetings with these television executives. And he's the one that's negotiating. I mean come on get out of here. He hired a guy who's really good at his job. So this nick constantly good at his job so nikon he he He arranges is gigantic. Try getting television. This new television deal. They're making money hand over fist. And nikon nikon fella. He's got a lot of power now and so what has been happening. Late is that nick con is going in. And he's gutting the parliament's endeavour me. He's it's out with the old and in with the new and he's installing his guys and all of these different these different roles and there've been a lot of them over the last couple of days. Lotta people that used to be doing. Certain jobs are now loan. No longer doing those jobs. Some have been fired. Somebody doing different jobs Etcetera etcetera so one of those people that was not going to be released in this overall. The was mark khurana. No you've been there for a long time but alas more ruffalo is now gone and you know it's funny. Social media is is. It's the best and the worst thing that ever happened. It's the worst thing that ever happened. Usually because it's just it's a cesspool it's just you know every every idiot has has a platform now and i. I always hear people go. There's so many idiots nowadays it's like no my friend. There's the same number of idiots there actually theoretically could be less idiots nowadays but the problem is all of those idiots in the old days that could be idiots inside their house into their close circle of friends now they can be idiots and let the whole world know what complete idiots they are. That's one of the downfalls of social media but you know one of the non downfalls of social media is mickie. James posting a photo of her gear being sent back to her in a trash bag. You guys think. This is the first time that someone's gear has been sent to them in a trash bag. No this has happened before. And there've been other w towns have now come forward and say man. I remember when my gear was sent back in a trash bag and what happened was no ever said anything and then mickie james comes out and she posts her picture on social media trash bag and everybody gets up in arms. They realize my god. They sent her her stuff in a trash beheld. Disrespectful and somebody gets fired. That is because of social media. Now when you really think about this story. It is just astonishing. Like this is a horrible business. Everybody and especially like you know ten years ago. Fifteen years ago twenty years ago thirty years ago forty years ago like quite frankly it was a it was like ten times worse business back then than it is today but when you think that some bloke put her stuff in a trash bag and this was not the first time and he sent it. It's like what it's almost comedy. It's almost funny that in twenty twenty one. Somebody thought i'll just get away with it again. All stuff in a trash bag and we'll send it out there this hall of famer it really. I mean i mean it's not a surprise. It is actually surprised to me. It is were gear would have been encased in but you sit there and you think dude is twenty. Twenty one like what's going on here. Well what's going on. Is it's time to be out with the old and in with the new now i to give you chance mike here to To do some commentary. And then i got something else. I gotta say this directed at this. Nick con fella. Hey look this is a business. It's rooted in the carnival and Rooted in a lot of spite sometimes and just not thinking and as we move into a new era with wwe having a in my opinion of renewed interest on how they want to position themselves as far as a company goes nothing. That's actually got to do with the in ring. But as far as how they want their presentation to be in how they would like to be viewed. You know it's more than than time to to make these moves. And while i am not going to celebrate anybody's public relations wing or anything.

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