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That's Hunter Biden, you can burn cities. That's Portland and Seattle. And you do all that without consequence. But if you're conservative, you can't even smile at a native American. That would be Nick Sandman. Is that not a great tweet? Fabulous, Fabulous tweet, by the way, Speaking of tube in the left, is trying to save his gig. They got what's her face? What's her face? Tina Brown out there trying to say Hey, you know what? He didn't mean to do it? He didn't He didn't mean to masturbate. Well, No, he didn't mean to do it in front of people. All it was an accident. The camera was on pointed at the pubic area. Yeah, essentially wasn't actually didn't know he was doing it. He's there's no reason why public masturbation should destroy a 30 year career at a great liberal publication like The New Yorker. They're trying to get the guy reinstated. Okay. Back to the phones. My adopted hometown, Sacramento, California. This is Robbie. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here. Hello. Hi, Rush Limbaugh. Yesterday you had a caller who was asking who the next leader of the Republican Party should be as if Donald Trump has faded into oblivion and, um There was talk about winning more Republican seats in the future. What We're going to play some gigantic game of house. If we step past what has just happened in this presidential election, as if nothing happened. If we do not deal with it, we have stepped from what was America. Into tyranny. What will be left other than one gigantic pretend game of politics. I don't disagree with that. I'm I'm trying to think back. I asked who would be the Republican leader in the future? I asked that question. I asked of who Well, A caller yesterday was asking it was posing that question. There was some discussion on it and you know, and there's been some talk about 2022 2024. But what's the point of what's the point of discussing any future election if we don't feel what has with what's just happened? Oh, I look, um you're preaching to the choir on that my point about this from the very beginning has been the integrity the Constitution. The integrity of our electoral system of the Democrats are the ones that have blown it up. Um, And if if this is not resolved, and it doesn't look like it's gonna be Then how can we assume any election down? The road is legit and fair. I were on the same page here. But that still doesn't mean that it doesn't matter who is going to be the leader of a political movement. You're still gonna have to have that. I know. I guess I'm just wondering what's the point? It looks to me like if we don't deal with what has just happened. We're just going to be playing one gigantic game of pretend Attending our votes means something pretending that we can influence what's going to happen. So what should happen? I mean, there have been serious efforts. Ah, lot of people have worked very hard to try to expose this. And to fix it, and they've bombed out. What? What? What? What do you think should be the next step The next phase. Well, I think Marc Stein, your guest host was saying on Monday. This is the hill to die on. Um and I think we have to stand up against tyranny or we're going to be living with it. We're living with it. Right now, until this is dealt with, and we will be living with it continually until this is dealt with. So I don't I don't have the answers other than just encourage all of the listeners. We have got to stand up against tyranny. This is our generation. This is our moment. I don't disagree with that. And I think you have 74 million people that did. They voted for Trump. They were cheated. They were defrauded. There's no question that That something really out of whack happened in this election. And you know, asking them to, um, uh, to do more than that. It's a hill to die on. I understand that. I understand the sentiment, but where's the hill and let's define dying? Well, maybe maybe more colors can can weigh in on this point. I do want to take issue with the 74 million figure. I keep hearing this 70 million figure than 74 million figure. I think we need to add a plus on the end because I just have great doubts that that is accurate. And that that is high enough. I've heard some people think that Trump maybe even said 80. I'm not. I'm not sure. Ah! I've heard that number bandied about. Um, Yeah. Look, I totally understand the sentiment that you have I I understand the Frustration that you have and to say that this is a hill to die on that if we accept this meaning if we accept Biden's president, Then. We've cooked our own goose and that we're just living in a pretend world to use your term where our votes supposedly matter, but they actually Don't Because we will have been Hoodwinked. And cheated and so forth, and so on short of something that Prevents Biden being elected going.

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