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Coming up At 106. Are good guest, Dr Carol Lieberman. Why would some people need to be bribed to go back to work? Very much in the news in the Commonwealth of Kentucky this week. What's the thinking behind people who simply don't want to go back to work? We are going to talk with her and then down the road. The tragedy of that condo collapse in Surfside in southeastern Florida, Rob Cain, who is someone who has been involved in a number of lawsuits. Involving mass catastrophe like that is going to stop buying whether or not what we're hearing now about information that might have prevented this. If that does now leave The people that own that condo built that combo in tremendous, tremendous financial jeopardy. I think they are one way or the other, but we'll find out and then teacher and comedian Mr De Joe Dombrowski. He's going to be at the funny bone on Tuesday night, but he's going to spend some time with this series of kindergarten teacher who in a spare time. During his down time in the summer tours, comedy clubs and most of what he talks about his clean all of that, and much, much more. All right. So there is a bill that is coming up about to be written up by the House of Representatives with regard to Big tech and the strangle hold it has on everybody. You me anybody else that uses things like Google and YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and all things like that. There's no question That those particular companies, among others enjoy great protection under what is known as section 2 30. 2 30. Which prevents really any kind of attack outside of Well outside of anywhere. It is literally an antitrust exemption that these companies enjoy. And they're in enjoy great censorship, particularly over those with the conservative point of view. Now there's a bill that has been introduced as I said, but the sponsors of the bill Are four guys that were part of a trump impeachment hearings. They were impeachment managers, Jerry Nadler. David Cicilline, D Joan Argus and Akeem Jeffries are the four impeachment managers that are crafting that bill now Jim Jordan from right here in Ohio raised this particular thought this week, he said. How much do you think a bill written by those four guys? Are going to protect or is going to protect a conservative viewpoint. And of course, the answer is none. But it is something that the house is starting to take up. And it is going to get great scrutiny and it is going to get great pushback. But again, the damage ruled the day in Washington. They can write up anything they want and if they all walk in lockstep, and they do a very good job of that hell of a lot better than the Republicans have in their history. Well, then that Bill is going to get by the house and into the Senate. We'll see what happens, something else. That's interesting. Joe Biden has named tech critic Lina Khan to share the Federal Trade Commission. And in doing so, he made it clear that he is dead serious about antitrust enforcement and other members, measures to rein in Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. But again He's dead serious about it, and he's put four guys in charge that we're dead serious about getting trump out of office or Getting Trump run up on charges in the wake of January the sixth. So where is the where is not just the teeth in this? But where is the objectivity in this? Wait a minute. That's right. It's Washington, D. C. Standing by somebody that knows all about techies, Our tech guy whenever something pops up, Tech anything that has to do with anti trust and big tech we bring in Adam, Missouri, chief marketing officer, Agency partner, Interactive Agency partner Interactive. And he's standing by the way on this right now, and it's amazing, Adam. You know you and I've talked a lot in the past. It's amazing to me that anybody thinks that anything coming out of Washington is going to have any kind of teeth when It comes to dealing with big tech, but But here we are. Here we are. What do you think? Yeah. I mean, sometimes I look at my pugs and I feel like on a daily basis. They might get more done than our lawmakers in D. C. You know, why would they want to do their jobs? It's actually really great to see you know, in last year can over the course of certainly the last like 8 to 12 months or so we've been watching. As many most all of our state sort of filing lawsuits against Big Tech. Just this past December, 35 states, including Puerto Rico, Guam and even Washington, D C file, legislators filed litigation against Google in respect of How they self preference their own platforms, right so their own products. You know, you have companies out there like hotels dot com that offer great travel deals and try to get competitive pricing for for hotels and flights. Google, of course, has Google flights and they have the ability to prioritize in their own offerings above those of some of their other martial, rely on the online visibility in the online platforms to get customers so Well, I search for flight when I search hotels, Of course, Google flights shows up first, and then I see maybe something from Travelocity Year. There's some of the other players in the market that really specialize in this stuff. So you know, Ken, I think we might actually see something happened here. Um, just because I mean there has been a lot of bipartisan support for this topic. We've seen a lot of lot of talking right over the last year, and finally, it seems that there's a plan. And the plan really kind of homes in on those those things that allow big tattoo really kind of edge out the smaller guys in the market, um and prioritize themselves to make a buck. And you mentioned Lina Khan just a bit ago. Lina Khan. She is man. She she's smart. She is energetic. She's young. She's like 32 years old. But don't let that for you. That just means that she's not going to stop any time soon. Um Lina Khan is really known for her argument that That Amazon's retail businesses should be separated from its selling platform, uh and known for advocating broad updates with any trust laws to deal with digital age problems so we might see something you've done here. Well, it's interesting. We'll see. My guess is if Linda Connor is 32 years old, that Google has been part of her life for most of her adult life, if not longer than that explain if you could What happens when you me anyone goes on to Google and types in a search word. Whether it be you pick it. It doesn't matter Could be medicine. It could be a question about medicine. It could be a question about real estate. It could be a question about a sports team. It could be a question about A local store. What happens? What does Google do with that information? Because they're not saying Okay, See you. Next time We'll see what you search for next time. What happens when you do a search like that? You know, the the craziest thing is what happens when we're like right before you actually do the search. Um, you'll notice you might type half of that search word right? You might half of that word and Google skills in the plane for you. It's really incredible. It's utilizing its knowledge of your of your device of your of your history of conversations that you've had leveraging things like natural language processing..

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