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Know is is does tv for nba tv you know he's done a number of things he's running liberty liberty even run pretty well under his tutelage i think it was a handout from james dolan to him to bring them back part of kabbah on all that other stuff james dolan has got to get involved a can you imagine being you know no no i don't mean to pick players and stuff like done this talking about be a little bit of a more of it overseer in you'd we all know the big picture what you want your team to be look like can the culture you talked about it yesterday so that's the easy thing we could all come up with that now put the people in place that will get that while they are that's the problem they haven't been able they had the person in place names donnie walsh and then he's unease shares superseded donnie walsh is a forty and they said get carmelo you're at any cost and from that moment on with the exception of the first playoff appearance that they had it's been downhill the last three years have been a disaster because they hire the wrong people here's the thing the garden is known in in the nba i believe as the money pit it is the money pit because the amount of people that never fulfil their contracts and always get bought out in paid off and then they move on and then when you look back at the lineage of this in the amount of people that have come through here over the last ten years whether it be larry brown say a thomas or phil jackson now all this like the thirty you know it's it's it's a it's a habitable and they'll all complain every single one of them maybe i say i won't because of his french chip with jim bone but they to a man i guarantee if you've got him at a private moment would roll the rise and said the garden is dysfunctional placed ryan i would say if it's so dysfunctional wire the rangers' run so well why the rangers have been so good over the last seven years what what are they doing right that that they they share a same facility up.

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