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Degree Emily so and I love the spelling fanatics great great son okay well will wonders never cease Roger Goodell not that we get into sports but holy hell he just did a few minutes ago something that that a lot of people will wait longer hello we then I fell it meant we were wrong for not listening to the NFL players earlier we the NFL believe black lives matter we did Colin Kaepernick dirty that I don't know exactly what he says about that but they are meeting their wrong I'm cap on the whole take a knee so what do they do about it well I don't know but damn Roger Goodell is in his basement giving a free full I mean there's so many people apologizing I am here for it this year I mean you know good and I'll tell you why because they either eighty percent of the NFL or whatever it is black people black players and they're probably like we're done with you and your sevens too bad they hung calling Capranica out to dry and got people all mixed up that somehow kneeling was being terrible to the flag I mean it was it was it ever a marine who suggested that that would be a respectful way of protest road testing he originally took a knee to protest two I think I can't remember for was Eric brown or if it was after Ferguson I can't remember it's terrible to say that so many like it was after Ferguson yeah maybe it was but I mean he he got blackballed and everything else the day that's a that's a big finally anyway people of course are like but he did do you know it apology as it we asked they asked him to fail to care about it and then they banned him from it and so let's see what other things that the NFL is going to do because you know to call much well I wanna be like that but I also wanna appreciate that branches when they come yeah because I think it's never too late to change your behavior to say you're sorry to be better that's right a Los Angeles Dodgers split up their stadium last night for eight minutes and forty six seconds under George Floyd interesting yeah the Twin Cities tonight the Minnesota broadcasters association announced this morning that all Twin Cities commercial radio stations will they're calling it the Twin Cities the night of late and they're just asking people in the Twin Cities to bad turn on their porch lights and if your cars in your driveway you know just turn on your lights for an hour and just like I don't know what else the incident just shine a light and that we want unity healing and and hope and just moving forward I know what some of the protests that they were doing the peace but when it got dark and before cure curfew people are holding up their cellphones so that the helicopters could you know see what was going on until we can shine the light yeah I like that a little helpers and shine the light yeah Roger Goodell we bundle that we were wrong we have the NFL I just you know Jeez I'm kind of glad for Phil Mackey they've gotten some sports stuff to talk about yeah I mean I'm talking about all of this you know he you know everything that's been going on with the murder of George flight I mean they were talking about that too but they really have not had any sports stuff we at least have had yeah quite a bit there kind of in doing a man talk show kinda you know kind of so anyway they they really because I feel like that there was an I. N. eight you know their sports news this week also mixed in with all of that so and then diagonal drew Brees apologized again he did double apology for his you know thing on the flag hi please I know it I don't even know who he plays for his new team okay you're not call you we don't have the real again because he is a good guy he got does very vat message all wrong about you know again trying to equate kneeling with being you know terribles of disrespectful to the flag what he has wife gave five million dollars to New Orleans relief organizations and hospitals when the covert things I think I remember that five million data shows are you saying yeah let's see every we're gonna sing everyday people from sign the family stone were to return off.

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