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M A cumulus stations. News Now news at nine. Good morning. I'm Heather Curtis President Donald Trump, promising to announce his pick to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the coming week yesterday at a rally in North Carolina. He asked his supporters to weigh in Who would rather have a man on the Supreme Court you managed Who would rather have a woman president says his choice will be a quote. Very talented, very brilliant woman, Senator Elizabeth Warren, telling Mourners outside the Supreme Court yesterday. Democrats aren't going to let Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell ran through a nominee 45 days before the election. Warren says Ginsberg herself didn't want her. Placement named until after the election. Found courtesy of toward a trap on story full Republican Party of Texas chairman Alan West, saying finding a replacement for Ginsberg will have a huge impact on the future. The president has once again an opportunity to affect the court system, the highest court in the land and really, the culture of the United States of America and the court of Susan that come from that EST. Anybody going forward? West on Fox and friends. A teenager was shot by an off duty police officer after investigators say he confronted the officer with a gun in Northeast D. C Friday night, investigators say after the shooting on Minnesota Avenue 17 year old Cornell Smith ran off. He was found later suffering from a gunshot wound. Smith was arrested and charged in this case and for an outstanding warrant in an armed robbery case. The officer involved on administrative leave as the shooting is investigated. Autumn arrives officially Sorrow and you may be thinking about what Paul activities air still happening. Plenty of corn mazes and pumpkin patches have been cancelled. But not all Apple and maybe even a great country farm. Only open daily. Great country farms in blue, Mont Virginia is open and so is Mount Vernon. Matt Brian. He's VP of communications. Bloody way have 160 acres outdoors so Allowed under the governor's orders in Virginia to be ableto hold a lot of our fall events, which are outdoor event. There's also a virtual tour for school groups and homeschoolers. Barbara W. W e mail dot com Couple of female sports. The Nats fell to the Marlins, 14 to 3 mysterious continues today at 1 10. The Stars take Game one of the Stanley Cup finals against the Lightning game to tomorrow night. The Washington football team takes on the Cardinals at four today, Head coach Ron Rivera says the defense will have to stay sharp against Cardinals quarterback Tyler Murray. He's gonna extend place and you've got to be ableto be where you're supposed.

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