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Way that they engaged with the voters and responded to their questions. Where did not respond to their questions? It was like watching two different countries were totally right. And you know, it must be said, you know, President Trump. Ah delivered a litany of falsehood, you know, sparred with the moderator Savannah Guthrie of NBC when she was trying to fact check in and point out. You know relevant facts about Corona virus about Q. In on the conspiracy theory adherents, you know about a number of things. Where is Joe Biden was a bit more at ease. You know, in his Count Hall, he was relaxed. He was confident discussing policy issues that he was asked about. Hey, did commit a couple of clubs, for example, biting that the Boilermakers Union had endorsed him in that skull. On DH. There were a couple other things that Biden pluck. But there's really no comparison in terms of fact, checking and Donald Trump was Donald Trump and Joe Biden was a regular politician. Of course, the Corona virus pandemic was the big topic on both sides. But there were other issues that we heard about as well. That's right, you know, at one point President Trump, you know, argued, you know, he has an argument to make the people that Democrats have denied the legitimacy of this president because You know of an investigation into his 2016 campaigns. You know contacts with Russia, right in the help that the campaign received from the Russian government during 2016. You know, that is sort of a rhetorical argument he he makes, But it was the Justice Department with Trump appointees that led this investigation. Now this was so unusual, and in the end how much of a difference can be separate exercises really make? I mean, if you're a trump supporter, you probably were watching him. If your abiding backer you were probably there, I think you know, the interesting thing to think about is the voters in the middle, though. You know, I mean, to the extent that there are any undecided voters, you know they would have had a very difficult task. And, you know, the early reports were saying is that ah, not complete yet, but that Biden's town hall true something like more than 2,000,002 million more viewers than Trump's Town Hall did, who knows what the final numbers will show, But that's an early indication How you know viewers, at least we're breaking. That's fact. Checker. Salvador Rizzo read more online at washingtonpost dot com. That's comas. Bill O'Neill 1 15 Times for our Fell. Insurance Business Update from Jim Tesco Blue chips did okay today, but the broader market was largely mixed. Checking the final market numbers. The Dow Jones industrials rose 112 points. The S and P 500 edged up about a half point. The NASDAQ composite, however, retreated 42 with the election less than three weeks away. Several million Americans tuned into last night's town hall interview events, one with President Trump and one with challenger Joe Biden. According to Nielsen, Biden's town Hall on ABC pulled in 14.1 Million viewers by the Trump Town Hall attracted a total of about 13.1 million on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC. Biden and Trump will be face to face in a second and final debate next Thursday night. That's your money. Now we'll check your money news a 2050 past the hour couple of issues to talk about, including a fatal accident investigation. Coming up next in our Cuomo traffic report. We could all use some extra self care right now..

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