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Of protesters March from Union Square south toward city hall thirty four year old eating Smith said he came during a pandemic for one reason because I am a black man living in America why can't we just live our lives without being charged it is being shot up and tensions escalated on the steps of tweed courthouse where a hundred or so protesters converged and were met by dozens of police officers no water bottles were thrown at the officers and several arrests follow meanwhile a Bronx man who was shot by NYPD officers last month has died of the corona virus police say fifty five year old Ricardo Cardona menaced officers with a knife and antique gun body camera footage released yesterday shows him asking officers to shoot him as he ignored commands to drop his weapons Cardona later told authorities he wanted to die because he'd recently tested positive for the virus he died five days after he was wounded one of the most isolated corners of the of New York City is getting its own type of court WNYC's Beth Fertig has more it can take up to two hours to travel by mass transit from far Rockaway to the queens criminal court in Kew Gardens Lori Zeno of queens offenders says that discourages those accused of minor crimes from traveling and then if they don't go there's a warrant that's ordered and then when they get tickets on the warrant they do spend at least one night in jail the far Rockaway community justice center will serve those under age twenty four who acknowledged committing a misdemeanor with the DA's approval trained volunteers will then hear the case and to sign a form of community service with workplace training and the charge will be dismissed upon completion Zino says virtual hearings can start soon alternate side parking is suspended today parking meters are in effect it's gonna be another rainy foggy day here in our.

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