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Ninety to pass along first of which is you something about everything is truly being connected it's all those internet of things you have why sharrif seems an dishwashers anyone crop hobson cameras in key lots and windows sensors in garage door open errors and even for chilling monitors well giving a kid in entered and connected stuffed animal is just a really bad idea because here's why there was a link expose this past week that left well millions of families private conversations including voice recordings of their kid along with a toy exposed on line for for eight as a smart teddy bear made by a company called spiral toys it listen to the voices of kids in week two million recorded messages online and the hackers are allegedly holding all these recordings for rams now despite knowing about the league for too much this let too much spiral toys as skill not informed any of the families you know here's how it works call cloud pence allows kids in paris drink where these boys messages it to one another through a microphone installed in the bare now here's how gets internet connected there's an app on the parents phone that allows a messages recorded through the bare to be receive remotely by the heir apparent they can respond to recording a message through the fall which is and spent to the bare again over the internet so the mess just and two in from the berra the gap were stored on line as audio files i spiral choice listen to this this spiraled toys in database was not father well projected the spiral toys database who was not password protect it the expose database was on line yeah that was so easy to find using his turn chandon call show damn with todd betting or the show which designed to find unprotected websites database so total violation the trump trial online rejection privacy act so you have one of the spiral toys cloud pants you just want to get rid of it speaking of security rest is not just internet connected toys news out this past week.

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