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WCBS. Now, a check. The WCBS forecast meteorologist Bill Deger this afternoon. We'll be a cloudy and breezy. We'll see patches of fog and drizzle legally in some areas as well a high of fifty two so it will be fairly mild tonight. Cloudy, low thirty eight rain returns late tonight. It looks like a soggy Sunday. Periods of rain, not only that but windy colder. Highs around forty one. We that dry out for the workweek Monday, Partly sunny, breezy forty-seven, colder Tuesday with sunshine, thirty six back up to forty two with more sunshine on Wednesday. Right now. Forty seven degrees. It's foggy and it's misting in New York forty-seven in Greenwich, forty nine in WCBS news time, ten twenty MTA fare hikes will be voted on next month's after the board approved a seventeen billion dollar budget. This week WCBS is more of diamond reports several board members warned of the danger of balancing a budget on the backs of commuters. Scott regular says ridership isn't a downward cycle. We're losing revenue because we have less passengers because we're not having the service of passengers can rely on every can improve that. And attract passengers, we're just not gonna ever work away out of this fare increases will be voted on in January and board member Andrew, Saul said their inevitable, given the bloated bureaucracy. That is the MTA. I mean, this is not going to go on like this and can't go on. And I think this board very soon is facing a situation where we are going to have to have. A massive restructuring of the MTA. There's no question about it. In lower Manhattan, Marla diamond WCBS, NewsRadio eight eighty fearless girl has a new home in a heroic location. Fearless.

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