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California's Who go to the polls, Election day won't be made to wear a mask. KCBS traffic and weather news last week chatted can wonder Li a little better news for the North 6 80 crowd headed through Martinez. Yeah, and since we talked 10 minutes ago, it's even better now. We had a heck of an accident touched off a grass fire. There was a car fire. Obviously, that touched off that grass fire, But this is all North bound on 6 80. As you make your way up to Arthur Road. We may still have the right lane blocked here, but It looks like the bulk of this backup is gone. It's only a bit of brake lights right at the scene of this earlier accident, so just to expect a couple minute delay as you make your way toward the Venetia Bridge in the wake of this problem Also, we've got longer delays. Still trying to get out of the Union City for Fremont. They just pulled a stall out of the way that was on South bound 8 80 near Alvarado, Niles, and there is a string of earlier problems between Union City and Fremont. Still working it out. This report brought to you by Amtrak. By the way, we're looking at about a 15 minute drive time now to get from, say, Whipple. That's the beginning of the line down to just south of Thornton, where everything's finally shakes loose, So it's not all solid. Stop and go, but definitely still slow here. It's one of the slower areas in the bay looks fine through Marin County Bay Bridge, just a little bit of a wait left in the East parking lot. We'll call it It's rolling a whole lot better into San Francisco and that earlier accident we had been reporting westbound 80 at cutting Boulevard is off to the right shoulder. So take your personal space to go with an tracks. Private room at spacious seating by day converts to comfortable sleeping accommodations by night, with access to a private restroom and shower in your car, a dedicated sleeping car attendant and complimentary dining. Learn more at Amtrak dot com. Your next update 9 18 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Back to the warm, sunny conditions we've been experiencing for days on end now 75 in San Francisco 90 and conquered.

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