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Day New Year's all those different things and so you look at it and you say I don't know people are like fourteen days a year closed you know when you're missing all that money I'm like what's money accrues not happy because I'm not going to work I'm not gonNA have us a a hypocritical type thing right in the sense of whole deals about about about fraudulent cashiers well I'm not bragging I'm not real quick I'm not bragging on myself I just want to the thing is is like I can't do all the twenty thousand crew members right that's coming through their leadership at every one of the all my partners and all those restaurants that are that are working with them you know they're working with he and she at that restaurant every day and they know there is I'm sorry guys gotTa have the the one love motto and just kind of talk about one like what exactly does that mean where did that come from just kind of like where you want to see that lot more companies now restaurants and companies specialize right back when I started ninety six it was more about companies in restaurants do more things so it was a pretty unique thing right that we were doing it but I wonder by shout loud and clear and for our crew to know it we have one la plus there's a cool way to say it our crew liked it and so I was emailing with some people from your car prior to the podcast and they all have it in their email signature one love yeah yeah awesome you recently expanded in the Middle East so you're no longer national you have to go over there and Scott out different locations and how does how does that even work interesting thing you know Mago our vision rain gains and I said this up ninth location to have location it's all over the world be known known as the crew for qualifying be known for Quality Chicken Finger meals great crew culture and active community involvement and so the world part was just aspirational but someday we wanna go we love what we do we don't bring them more people to share in that center national is always part of the strategy for me is growing Franchisees is not about going to a to a geography it's partner in the right people can share the values and so as Muhammed al Shara actually called from Kuwait and they're very large they actually they which is shake Shack Burger you like my God they do it well to they got all shake early we're actually in the Middle East there's a lot of shake shacks right next door Sarrazin canes right next door's blaze pizza over yeah so they do like seventy different brands everything from You know from department stores Clothing Electronics a whole bunch of busy this is but muhammed calming said I would love to come see your your business I'm really interested said well you can come see me and people over actually I think he left that night early jumped on his big level express flew over the next day but I saw the way he talked to my crew got nine billion dollar company right but loves people and way he talked and did and he said if you come see a you'll see my my crew members were happy like yours because I care about them and you see the things I'll do in the community and the Middle East and I did I went and mystery shop then tell them came up mystery shopping the locations then I told him I was there and we met and so the value aligned in so as far as concept Wa build easy place to bring an American concept because they like it and you don't have to change her you don't have to change your your product they accepted as is and I wasn't I'm one love I'm not change what I do you know as far as anywhere I think I think Keynes we're looking Asian al with a really partner we're looking a lot of other places in the world love for me is to have the right partner so that we can trust each other and make sure about people are taking care of uh-huh And I'm I'm Kinda see this is more just out of curiosity obviously one big thing about raising cane's is when you guys go into it it's not just about selling sycophant is about building you know being being an integral part of that community and help building a community howdy you see that that going in the Middle East obviously you know there's there's different things they're going on there so how will raising cane's really help kind of building the find some of those communities there that don't have the opportunities that they had here yes great question so that's why partner with Muhammed because he's really involved over there with women quality also with getting middle Easterns in the workforce most of them don't work influencers air come through a celebrating that which celebrates it also we have Saudi managers which is more than I doing that right oil's going to stop some day you know it's going to dry up and people have to have work skills and do so those are just examples of that secondarily Mohammed also already supported the groups like we support here and so it's US doing it but now it's canes with his other brands do which is neat we've actually been proud that we've able to teach them a lot of ways we do it so let's say I'll get education program house with civil use how we go into schools and teach schools how we can help them right we have a whole catalogue different different ways we can help you out so they've actually adopted those programs going with canes and they're they're they're also adopting some of their other there are other concepts that's cool that's cool that's really cool we might have to take a trip over there I would love to go over there it's just blew a kiss? MLD Oh I should like called it and do something I don't know but in my pocket you know save it Ah House houses our security is doing a great job but yeah that's a long long flight once it gets over eight hours is tough on me I'll go to London and it's like a good like seven from east coast. I I don't know if you've got some canes five minutes away from Canes Five minutes away I guys got but Gusts Chicken Day just opened here in New Orleans or they did something to have that is Josephine Josephine's local do we know that's local Oh man I tell you gave me the good spots I'll tell you that forget Willie mays Scotch House favorites here the Pelicans writer recommended chicken guy like Green Games together everything you love it and actually Lewke chases Lee chases place literally walking distance you can make a double fried chicken When Josh Josh got traded to New Orleans he took the money that he was going to be saving from California taxes and he was so worried about the good food so we got a chef the because for one of the first not defers but one of the first meals I have and I got down here my girlfriend was down here and we went to I think it was Mr b's yeah and I have some Bacon wrapped shrimp and grits and I just knew there's no way I can eat like this like actually perform on the court Oh you know canes is a is a huge the franchising huge part but the other side of it you touched on it but the philanthropy side of you do stuff with them you do you provide free free meals at teaches on teacher appreciation day and just kind of just talk about some of the and I.

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