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But it's also the fact that mentally you're just exhausted after having to to stay focused and stay locked in for so long and so they go into a second overtime and thankfully it only took another five minutes to the game bowling down trying to play it here comes craig smith with smith for yala yala five thirty seven do the surveys we have before we believe in our group what we can do our our fans fans us for winter kevin fiala because it was so crazy inside stone arena that's a bit of his post game interview on nbc sports network pete weber with the call i had enjoyed listening to pete for the first overtime but it was stressing me out the predators end up evening the series at one game a piece at after giving up the tying goal man what a punch to the gut they give up the tying goal the minute five left in regulation that it's kevin fiala on what was a beautiful breakaway with craig smith i so after they got the puck and produce the turnover hello buck was a sitting duck i mean he was literally sitting duck he was facing two guys of beautiful pass from smith to follow who then went back hand and was able to end that game in the double overtime riina had a playoff best forty six saves though you can imagine what it felt like him to give up that tying goal with a minute to go it's after hours with amy.

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