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Barack obama has been under fire since first taking the job in two thousand nine both for her men were of administration and the high salary she paid some top staff the audit of the ucs campuses was supposed to be confidential but was shared with at least two top aides who a recent investigation says warned the chancellor of uc see campuses not to quote 'air dirty laundry the la times reports the investigation shows aides intervene via text and phone to solicit less negative responses to the chancellor's assessment of napolitano's office those age resigned last week karen greeks rebates and pr news the out of unsold goods on were how shelves and back wasserman relatively unchanged in september while sales increase the healthy pace words address companies reportedly management supply chains when shells increase faster than stockpiles often means businesses will have to restock on wall street today the dow wisdom hadron 38 points the sp 500 down fourteen points this is npr hundreds of mourners lined up to enter a service today for eight members of a family were among the victims in the november fifteen mall or shooting at a small texas church earlier this month measured in a church in the texas town of solans springs claimed twenty six lives the gunman devon patrick kelly was shot by a neighbor indicted would appear to be a selfinflicted gunshot wound forty say kelly was involved in dispute with his motherinlaw who attended the church was not present on the day of the shootings sought el harari eleven un's prime minister resigned in a sudden and controversial television address from saudi arabia last week he's now promised to return to lebanon within days but in beirut sherlock says this is again in doubt saido hariri said in an interview eighth at the weekend that you were tens to lebanon within days but now french president emmanuel macron for his invited hariri and his family to come to france an official statement says macron made the invitation after he met with hariri and with saudi arabia's crown prince mohammad bin salman as.

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