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And the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party will be between the younger so-called progressives who often I think regressive. But that's another argument, the the younger progressives will come up with all sorts of policies. He is not in that category. He's voted with Trump and Trump policies a couple of times, he he's not Radic what passes for radical left in the United States. Whereas you can make argue for one or two of the other people that standing, and if if they really do go full. For a sharp swing to the left with this whole idea that to take on Trump. You don't you don't was it punch, high punch low to take and therefore you swing across and become as radical as he is. But the mirror image in which case x y l said wins it if it's the traditional wing of the party than it. It's it's someone else. So I'm not force centers. I suspect Sounders will come out as people Elizabeth Warren will probably fall away fairly quickly up comes Sanders. We I mean gains. He's a guess with such a long way out, but Santa's comes in sand is not gonna pick a man for his VP in this day and age for the Democratic Party, pick a woman. You capable to please. Don't get me wrong. But he will pick a woman if he gets it Kathleen how how far were otherwise is better. Rox from from the pulse of the Democratic Party in in twenty twenty d think well, it depends on who you're looking at isn't it? I mean, he is he is he's not a radical. He certainly center lift as Tim pointed out quite rightly he voted several times for Trump when he Trump proposals. He's very media friendly. He's got a good family clever. Man, is is a an ace politician. The problem is at will another thing. If course is is midwest in his area, the point is you they have to get the midwest the mid west is where the Senate comes from since every piddling little state gets two senators. You know, it's it's that's the thing. You can you. You can't a White House and congress the house representatives, you can stop things being done. But without the Senate there things you can't get done. So I trust that Democrats. If if they want to knock out the Republicans and Trump do remember that they need more than their urban vote. They need more than those onto the age of twenty seven and they need those that have staying power. You mentioned media. Both the US Washington-based media and all foreign correspondents that live there tend to concentrate on these glittering new shiny types, like better rock, and maybe kissing Jilib. Oh, see, I'm Barrack Obama. And an experience. But no the media tend to concentrate on these shiny glittery ones. Whereas actually out there in the vastness of the United States of America their name recognition is nowhere near as high. As is amongst foreign correspondence finally tonight and staying in America, the news, the delete university campuses may be disproportionately populated by the over privileged and undetected may seem as revelations go akin to discovering a preponderance of Catholics in the Vatican. Nevertheless, the scandal gathering in the US over the wealthy and well-connected scamming the college admission system is astonishing without being necessarily surprising. Federal prosecutors have said that at least fifty people have conspired to ease their offspring into college cheating on exams. Bribing officials and in a few picturesque cases in mid children using Photoshop another such trickery with athletic abilities. They may not have possessed among the university's embroiled. Georgetown, Yale Stanford. And UCLA, I I will state NY credentials right away. I got into the university of Sydney Android out of the university Sydney off Sydney entirely on my own if it's Kathleen drugs involvement. Now, I filed twice actually. Absolutely. So book counsel table. I was invited to leave school at sixteen. They said we think it would be better for Tim and the school if he didn't come back Yata. Being around this. I probably have a halo Berkeley, Oxford chick. Can you do better than that? Well, you therefore have the experience which nor the T more..

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