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I. He's been vocal about what he's prepared to do this season and some of it's been kinda tongue-in-cheek like we know you're an exceptional player. But like you know you're going to try to come out and get yours and throughout training camp in so far in the preseason he his just flat out looked like he can challenge. Aaron donald this here as like being legitimately the most dominant interior defensive lineman and then he's going to go outside to what's crazy right now. He he might be the best interior player and the best player on the any jokes and likes to talk about sack nation and he has fun with the media and the fans about it but this team has a unit is starting to look like a nation. Anthony hitchens with the sack. Jarran reed even the depth players in linebacker darius harris and dicaprio budel getting in on the mix. He doesn't say that it has to be defensive. Lineman that can get involved with sack nation and now that's that's ten sack preseason. I've said it now. Three times on this podcast. But i just think if your defensive line is cooking we always get on bread. Vh about maybe not. Investing premium picks that the chiefs make themselves in the cornerback room. But if you have a solid cornerback room and it does look like that. Which are various ward and luxurious need. And mike who's actually really playing well and you have a defensive line that has led by christians who we had mentioned. Looks like an absolute monster. I think you're gonna see the whole defense look really really strong and i think we're getting clues to that now in these first two games steve and so i wanna talk about that secondary for a second because the defense obviously been phenomenal so far in the preseason they were completely shutting. Down the cardinals. I drink offensive unit in the first quarter of that game chris jones exceptional. But we've had these questions about the third cornerback in. It's kind of been a rotation between guys mike us and the baker of both shown promise in that role but we finally got a glimpse tonight of one thornhill and that incredible athleticism that we saw in his rookie season with that unbelievable interception that he pulled off. Like i still trying to figure out what the chiefs are doing here with the rodeo issues. In the way they're they're kind of moving that second nature to me and says well we're still figuring it out like we understand who we have in who we have locked in everybody else. We're just kind of putting the chess pieces as we see fit and kind of figuring it out as we go and i don't have a problem with that is inevitably means that one thornhill is going to be the guy. Well what was interesting tonight and not only did want thornhill start with the first team as defensive tackle collins saunders who deserved it. These guys have been playing. Well lately. the chiefs have made points of that in in practice. Thornhill has been a little bit more mysterious because we've seen him with the second team. If you notice tonight. He started with the first team and he was still out there with the third team. Andy reid as you just heard was asked about it and he said essentially we need thornhill feeling confident about self. Let's go back to the press conferences where we have wide receiver. Mccoll hardman. what i mean. It's kind of like zero tagging me a audible to this. Look up trying to catch. It is cool though. Yeah it's a minute on a ball. For minnesota. I did find. I knew it was gonna be short so like this. Don't drive it backwards as you right. Yeah i mean it was good though I definitely in about Trying to get it. So i you know i didn't Well we didn't know target wasn't planning to like. I think the game started so it was like doing so but i ain't nobody gonna play the whole first with but it was cool does good to get some some a lot of rip sideburn guessing targets and some catches so doing good. I could have caught the one in in the cornerstone on the bench A damn just miss cammisa miscommunication pat. But that's why we got to get better so Angle that was what happened on on the corner. I just like i came on my break wrong. I couldn't just been know more square to be like the jumping and get the ball where he was at so kind. Just got being better position onto the right this all talking about corner on the corner but one in the back of the is on like once was the right that was like on just the door shabby more flat. What so to good good. A lot of fans understand so. It's more better than we had a lot of fans today so it was definitely a good feeling to give back in there before the game was out or after you guys. Were running down the sideline together. You're joking around right when he still. Yeah i mean we all thought we didn't know what to leary kickoff. Who like okay. So now just Just to no no reason not to some some some like see my celebration. If you break away free cycle catch him was something. That's so you have mccoll. Hardman coming off the podium. There we talked about safety thornton having the defensive play of the night the coal hartman after what looked to be a couple of miscommunication patrick mahomes. He's he starts out the game two for two on his targets and then four straight targets mccoll. Hardiman and patrick mahomes does not in sync guitar. I'm talking about the route. On a touchdown chance there was back to back passes in the end zone and so it was another week. Where i just wish mahomes and hardman would get in sync and then mahomes comes out of the game and then shed hannie baby with a flick of the wrist and all the sudden that balls floating floating floating kinda dies at chad handy pass right it kind of dies a little short. And mahatma call harmon. It's a shoe string catch so one thornhill who needed the defensive play the night he gets it the cold hartman. Who could use the offensive player. In the night he gets it.

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