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Chat with tried his episode one hundred and fortynine is brought to you by tried station if uruquay access to stocks atf s features and or options if uruquay low cost commissions to cape trading costs down our the one cent per share or a fivedollar flat right if you require a truly professional gripe platform to analyse and tried markets then you best visit tried station dot com slash tried its that's tried station dot com slash tried is to learn more and open an account market speculation and risk this is the chat with traders podcast hosted by aaron fifield what's going on ladies and gents thank you for being here now it's a real on how to introduce a very special guest on this episode of chat with tried is i would lucky to mate arun brown aren't is highly regarded as an authority on the subject of risk management with our he originally started out as a park apply and sports better than a trader and lighter apple the manager for the past 30 years arron spain i dedicated risk manager and for the past tang is he was the risk manager at iq off for icy dino iq is i two hundred billion dollar quant hedge fund now the step aside with iron comes in two pots i can promise you this wasn't planned it was completely unintentional but we rached sumaye close to a bat sixty minutes and i still had so many things i wanted to ask him about bike i hadn't even got halfway through my noughts so thankfully arun at great to continue at a scottish and the following die and that's the second pot which will be relased one week after the release of this episode said wednesday the eight th of november.

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