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Rogatsky Hello Laura Is a. Doctor, here She's a professor of, cognitive sciences at UCSD which is one of the top. Universities in this country when I went to UCSD. They were still here we're dry ball was still there What is it called the war. In school was worn school it called. College I went there in nineteen seventy nine back then nineteen thirty nine hundred eighty and honestly I. Served most of the time down the street I. Was also in the cannabis business Yes Professor. Dot all. Right so talk about talk about human communication because that's what you talk about, it isn't that? Really what's what's your specialty is is how we communicate as? Humans. Yeah so there are about seven thousand languages that human speak around the, world and there used to be many. More In? Every language differs from the, next? And all, kinds of ways for each. Language is its own little cognitive, universe so. The way. That you think the way you see the world instead of being shaped subtly, by the structures? Of the language wow but of course we don't notice those. Things. Right so we speak English here right we slander six thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine of them floating out there I know but you but you talked about something about the nuances. Right. There's there's ways we say things in different parts? Of the state different parts, of? The of, the much less the world. Talk about that a little bit Even in English you you asked whether it, applies? To money language applies to money but of course there are lots, of examples like that so in the eighties there is. A diet candy brand called aids Oh my Business, yeah I don't need to tell you. Why Business or take for example, there's an. Energy drinks sold in Asia Porcari, sweat, now you probably. Don't have Picardy sweat Stockton your machine Don't want a big bottles..

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