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It's a player. You maybe I don't know. Do you think you can play him instead of Peterman and then also protect Alan? I don't know. Kyle orton. As they did this very thing for years ago. They had a rookie second year quarterback who was just like nowhere, and they went well, you guys. I mean, how much pride do we do want to fall on the sword? Here. Do you want to don't we sign Kyle Orton? And so a month went by with or non the bench. He went in. And he was four a Bill prolific like right off the truck for a bills quarterback. He was like. Wow. And they were good. I don't know if you have that. I don't know if they even want that they have Orton here like that was already at the end for manual year. Two was it three not that was your two year to already at the end for with that. And here is Allen at the beginning. So what what would be the point to salvage some pride this year? It would be to protect Allen. That would be that would be why you would do it. Because you really do think the most important aspect of his development is him not playing with that crew right now. And I mean, it's I don't know. You've been playing playing play him. I mean, would you understand be reluctant to throw him into that? I would I've I've I've been open to it all along. So that's that's why you do it. Well, he was better than Peterman yesterday. Sure. Now, maybe he didn't see anything on defense from Baltimore either making that probably like a preseason experience. Drop back there and throw it up. I don't know. Just I got I want to trust the Josh Allen and a professional football organization can handle. That kind of thing I want to trust that these people can handle this this guy, a professional athlete can handle rough times. Mike Chopin the bulldog. Here we will hear from Sean McDermott in about fifteen minutes at the stadium. And then talk to him ourselves later..

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