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Dd for like a month or say wack go by alzheimer things. Best number six in the league and the results absolutely plummet when they lease indeedy. An he's back. Now that's probably points dropped over the course of the season that's not been loping ideal for them so this law factors but yet you're absolutely right in that you words you look at jamie vardon you expect. Probably north of fifteen primarily goals. Fifteen basement really for him isn't it. Yeah yeah and he's he's low on his shot. Shot on target had nineties. Zero point eight Which which necessarily hasn't hasn't stopped in previously twenty goes in seventeen eighteen season but shot count is lower and i just wanted to that dynamic collection. Look nice for think if you stop jamie vardi during the one thing that it does which is get on that last month running behind Yes things can get bit confused and although what you really enjoy Gio i wonder if he had stuck around us it e and just kind of allowed to grow into his role would you. Would you be an okay replacement for a fool aguero signed. I'm not saying look world just in collection and actors really technically very good. She's very very very good. Yeah you know. Essentially a gweru is technically superb. And just what him thus clowns a football and it's not something that's going to happen to light bulb kind of thought that he could. He could almost see him with all those other players around him without do something. I'll be very interested to see who say sign. If it's not caned because i think they need sun someone and if you don't of we really intrigued them on who it will be rather eckstein was big dick under all in saying. Yeah silva cost a less all disney. Yeah had an amazing season and he is incredibly. Technically gifted would benefit almost any team. I think Top level team. He's dot com player. Just uses class and i think he could improve city more than some maleki nacho but yeah i agree and now she's very good plan a like his ability to he's kind of the loss of bonds as well he's kind of takes on a little bit jobs deeper and take him logo more. Creative role apparently has played number ten in his career People elastic say that he is better as a number ten of seed. It's not really the way. They may have madison as well if they do that. But yeah i feel like that's a nice less less. The players were seemed like player. And i feel like nacho finn that he feels like a lesson plan so nice level for him. I was not aware some way more..

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