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The ambitions of all those people who live in that area if there's probably a lot of big shot a detroit democrat so it's an african american district obviously that of the riot an idea of maybe there are moves a prominent well liked person or two or three in they're probably a woman also is going to be in a conyers is under enormous pressure from a lot of people he is now residing out there was yet another allegation that came out today from a woman a staffer who said the conyers is thing was to molest her in church but she was sitting in church next to him a ran is a hand all the way up her skirt that was the latest allegation that one was reported to day and that apparently was the last straw conyers going down uh i was going to talk about packed situation but as long as this is just coming through right now let me expand of this what would john conyers nancy pelosi said several days ago as an eye god well here's the thing he is that i cod he is one of the most prominent civil rights leaders of our time conyers goes back to the days of martin luther king he was a major player in the civil rights movement from the time that he entered public life and is the longestserving member of the house of representatives how do you weigh that against what we now learned to be miserable personal conduct that entire time will i think that that's a fair question to ask we have had a tendency in this country that if an individual is a liberal icon in anything to look the other way at all of their other shortcomings all of the kennedys every one of them the sexual misconduct of john kennedy was ended when he was in the white house when john kennedy was president he was having an affair with the girlfriend of a.

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